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What's UPstar. Music?

UPstar. Music LLC is a media and promotion company which showcases and amplifies the voice of up and coming artists, songwriters, musicians and other creatives in the Country Music industry.

Our mission is to create effective ways to act as a "Country Music LinkedIn" to provide opportunities and narrow the gap between the business side of the industry and the creatives who make this world go round. Our motto is "Family Over Everything" because we care about every individual for who they are, not what they do. We want to provide any opportunity we can, for every person we can, whether you've been in Nashville 10+ years and have a record deal, you recently moved to Nashville and are just starting out, or fall somewhere in between. We want to work with you. 

​We get asked all the time "so what do y'all really do?"... and for those that don't know the values and vision of UPstar. Music, this is a legitimate question. Because our #1 priority is up and coming, primarily independent artists, we provide many services which include media and promotion, interviews with artists, various networking opportunities, live events, curated playlists and artist development. Check out the different services below and see how we can help you. UPstar. Music is for EVERYONE in the Country Music industry - Artists, Songwriters, Musicians, labels, publishing, management, booking, photographers, videographers, writers rounds, podcasts, fans etc. UPstar. Music wants to see everyone win and help Country Music thrive.

We Are Here To Help You.



Via our website, Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook we do an array of features to highlight the up and coming talent in Country Music. There are many different layers to our features. Some are once a year like UPstar. Music's "Artists to Watch" and the "Top Songs of 2022" whereas others appear on a regular basis - like posting a variety of artist content, "New Music Friday"playlists, "Saturday's Rising Picks" etc. We try to find creative ways to promote artists in an effort to promote exposure to fans, as well as the business side of the industry. Our goal is to get creatives noticed and help them stay relevant doing what you love.



Our motto is "Family Over Everything", because we truly care about every individual who is trying to make it in this crazy industry. The work we do is never about clout chasing or getting in with the hottest artists, it's about giving each person a voice and opportunity to be successful. We strategically work with Country Music creatives to find the right path for them. UPstar. Music is a community set up to be able to network and meet other like minded individuals. As we progress on the business aspects of UPstar. Music, our top priority is to develop an effective "Country Music LinkedIn" for both creatives and business folks to network with one another and put everyone in a position to win and further their career. The methodology of UPstar. Music may be different than most because we don't believe in give and take... our goal each is to provide every opportunity we can - big or small - and not ask for anything in return. If you are new to Nashville and don't know how to network or where to start, reach out! We will be happy to get you into contact with people who can help you to be successful.



We work with artists on the ground floor when things aren't always glamorous and work to provide opportunities when others won't. We are not a paid Artist Development company and do everything we can to help rising artists find success in a variety of ways and work with them over time. At UPstar. Music, we firmly believe every artist has their own path and reaches success at their own pace. Whether an artist is the hottest rising star in the genre or going through ups and downs, we are always there. Nothing makes us happier than to work with an artist for a few years and watch them grind everyday to finally find success. That's why we do what we do.



Read all UPstar. Music’s latest interviews on our blog as we sit down and talk with different artists in Nashville and around the country. Some artists are making waves with a record and/or publishing deal while others are diamonds in the rough about to take over Country Music in a few years. We do a deep dive into one of their newest releases, discuss how the artist got into music, what their Nashville experience has been like, what advice they would give to their younger self and other intriguing questions. We also interview important individuals on the business side of Country Music in our "Building the Community Series".



Twice a month UPstar. Music hosts "The Showcase" at The Rusty Nail in Hermitage, TN. We also bring Nashville talent to Murfreesboro, TN hosting the "UPstar. Music Takeover" the last Sunday of every month at Hop Springs Beer Park. Come out and see us and enjoy original music from the best Nashville has to offer.



Available on Apple Music and Spotify, we have over 30+ playlists that showcase a mixture of your favorite big name artists mixed with some of the best up and coming talent in Country Music. Our playlists are perfect for fans to sit back and get a taste of the immense talent in the genre. Also, business wise, our playlists get great exposure. If you are an artist, reach out as we will do our best to get you placed on the playlists as we see fit. If you are an individual on the business side of the industry, this is an opportunity to discover new talent to work with, help your business grow and stay in touch with the constant flood of new artists.

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