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15 Artists From UPstar. Music's Living Room Concert Series That Need To Be On Your Radar

Everybody and their mom have done virtual live concerts during the invasion of the BIG C and I think it has been an amazing tool for artists to connect with fans and a way to bring a positive light to this tough time sittin' at home without toilet paper. Since I've started UPstar. Music a few months ago I've came across some sensational talent like Hayden Coffman, Chris Housman, Hunter Jordan, Adam Scott and Ethan Willis, but through our Living Room Concert Series my eyes were opened to sooooo much more new talent.

I created the Living Room Concert Series as a fun way to keep artists playing and to keep everybody's morale up during lockup. The virtual series took place March 20th-March 29th: 10 days, 65 artists and 1 nasty virus. (I was very proud of myself for coming up with that). Below are 15 artists that I wasn't familiar with and absolutely put their name on UPstar. Music's radar and had me constantly thinking "holy shit... holy shit... amazing."

Brandon Bethel

Now living in Oklahoma, originally from North Carolina, Brandon will blow you away with his magnificent, soulful sound, mixing some good ole Texas Country with some Bluesy/ Pop vibes. If I had to pick one artist who surprised the absolute shit outta me it was 100% Brandon. An absolute diamond in the rough folks, excited to see what his future holds. With no original music out yet, Im anxious to see what my dude whips up for everyone. In the meantime hit up his socials and check out his talent.

Cole Bradford

Cole originally from Conyers, Georgia, now calls Nashville home and is just starting his music career and holy shit I can't imagine what he will accomplish when he gets his feet on the ground and makes some connections. He has only been playing the guitar for a few months and you can already see his natural ability... Cole has the tools to make it in the Country Music industry. No original music has been released, but we are sure eager to hear what he has cooking. He plans to release an EP sometime in May. Head over to his social media and see his raw talent and genius songwriting I'm talking about. Big things ahead.

Kristen Foreman

The Louisiana native keeps the traditional Country Music sound alive and her voice shows similarities to legends like Reba and Dolly Parton. Her voice is like no other and has a rich powerful feel that has the potential to shatter glass or blow out your speakers. Kristen's sound makes me want to throw on my cowboy hat, my boots and go line dancing to her authentic, old school sound. Check out her debut album from 2016 "Feather Tattoo", and a pair of singles "Blackout" & "Falcon 63" an acoustic masterpiece. You are going to be hearing this name for years to come, jump on the train.

Randall Fowler

The singer-songwriter brings a fusion of Country, Pop & Rock to his music. Hailing from Charleston, South Carolina, his music encompasses familiar vibes with a modern feel, and gives listeners a fresh sound. When Randall sings you feel the passion he brings in his music and makes it very easy for listeners to connect. This man is shooting out a cannon and already can tell he will have a bright future in Country Music. Make sure to check out his 5-song EP "The Recipe" and his newly released single "What's She Sippin' on" which is a complete banger. More like BANGER in all caps.

Justin Holt

This Alabama boy has a big, big future ahead of him. Alabama has been piping hot with rising talent with prime examples of Riley Green, Reid Haughton, Muscadine Bloodline, Ella Langley and Hunter Chastain, and Justin for sure is in with this crowd. I'm all about artists that are phenomenal songwritings and this dudes passion behind each song is remarkable and a must see, or must here, or both, you get the fucking point. I'm excited to see where experience will take him. Check out his recent release "Doesn't Look Good on You" and other hits "Good Lookin' Waste of Time" and "10 in the Morning". This Alabama kid is just getting rolling.

Brooke Lynn

This badass Nashville based singer-songwriter has been playing writers rounds, and making connections in Music City. She also had the opportunity to play for Carry Underwood at the Grand Ole Opry in 2019. Originally from Minnesota, I wanted to thank her for the Vikings trading Stefon Diggs to my Buffalo Bills (I know Vikings fans are still salty so I had to rub it in a little I'm sorry). Brooke is a prime example of how talented women in Country Music are and will lead the charge for the future of women in the genre. She is set to release her 5-song EP this year and has her debut single "Lovin' My Momma" available now.

Page Mackenzie

Another star from Charleston, South Carolina! Page made the leap to Music City in 2016. Her soul and vocal ability flow as deep as her Low-Country roots. Page played the virtual series with rising powerhouse Southern Justis and hold the phone...her voice was so elegant I almost fell off my couch. I was just imagining me trying to sing like that and I'm almost positive I would lose my breath and pass out. After a three year hiatus, this star in the making released her debut single "Love Like That" and GOD DAMN it is a jam-sandwich. Excited for what the future holds for Ms. Page Mackenzie.

Landon Magee

Landon grew up in the small town of Franklinton on the North Shore of Louisiana. Now residing in Nashville he is fine tuning his craft and continuing chasing his dreams in Music City. Landon played the concert series on closing night and I didn't know what else to expect after nine successful nights and once again I was astounded. His honest ability to write relatable songs and his elite sound will be the reason he will be making waves in the near future. Check out his current three singles "I Am", "That's What She Said" and "Whiskey Meets the Water". Landon Magee is a name that sounds on a billboard. Releasing his next single "City Girl" in the near future.

Devin Matthews

Devin blew me away as one line in I thought his voice was sent down from the damn heavens, I think for his whole set my jaw was on the ground and baffled I didn't know his name sooner. Devin blends Country with Rock and Pop influences and just pumps out jam-sandwiches. Have you heard his single "Slow Song"...ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Like Devin, chill I'm not trying to get wifed up at 21, getting me all in my feels and shit. Definitely a top 5 song from the concert series for me. Also, dig into his other single "Callin' You My Girl". Devin Matthews has that soft, genuine voice your gonna want to calm your soul.

SJ McDonald

Man this girl deserves the world with a voice like hers. My buddy Matt from In the Round Podcast raved about SJ a little while back, but I never got around with being able to check her out and dig into her talent. I wish future me could go back and slap the shit out of past me for not checking her out right away because GOD DAMN CAN THIS GIRL SING. Her vocal ability is top tier and is matched with the same ability to write a song. The Lexington, Virginia native has a sound that is a reflection of her roots, family values, modern influences and strong women by whom she was raised. This girl is country with a kick- complete with strong vocals and an infectious smile you cannot miss. Go check out her debut single "Give Me Back My Heart" out now. If I want a female artist to come in and kick ass to those who doubt women having a big role in Country Music it would be SJ McDonald. She will have those assholes shakin' in their boots.

Nicole Miller

Holy shit a female followed by another female... unlike country radio, UPstar. Music supports our female artists cause we aren't fucking assholes. Nicole almost wasn't able to play the concert series because Instagram played a sick joke and crashed, but we got her a new time slot and she absolutely crushed it. A sweet soul with a voice that will make grown men shed a tear. Nicole makes her songwriting come to life with each line and verse, I can guarantee if you listen to one song she will have you asking yourself how you haven't heard her on some big stage yet. Make sure to check out her debut EP "Lonely on the Weekend" and you will instantly become a fan, future is bright for this Iowa native.

Stephanie Nash

Couldn't be more pumped for what Stephanie is going to accomplish in the next few years, shit maybe even months. Her talent is wise beyond her years and will one day be playing the stadium during CMA Fest. Nash shows her love for Country music, not only through the singing and songwriting, but also being a 4th generation farmer from Middle Tennessee. She has recently been chosen for the DisCovery Award and her recent single "Best Side of Me" was featured in a Music Row article showcasing this bad ass, 90s inspired jam-orama. Check out her insane vocals on her other songs "Ain't Gonna Be My Man" and "Never Break" with fellow artist Kyle Elliott.

Tommy O'Keeffe

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Can anybody wear a cowboy hat like Tommy, I doubt it. If you were lucky enough to tune in during our live series I think myself and Tommy broke the record for how many different hats were worn in 30 minutes... Can totally see some dad watching at home be like "What the fuck are these idiots doing I'm just trying to hear some music so I don't rock my wife in the head with a roll of toilet paper." Sorry Mike, boys will be boys. Tommy is going to take the industry by storm as he brings his talents to Nashville from the great state of Nebraska. He shows his passion through his Honky Tonk, Traditional Country vibe and blows the roof off with his once in a lifetime kind of voice. Tommy also co-hosts the writers showcase Nashville Southerners. If you haven't yet, go check out his new single "Hangover Don't Hurt" which was released in February and plans to release more music this coming June.

Southern Justis

This duo was formed in 2017 by members Nathan Justis and Taylor Baynum, both natives of Seaford, Delaware. The boys graduated from college and made the move down to Music City. I am quite confident Southern Justis will be making some big waves and will rise up the Country Music ladder quickly. Another top song from the concert series was their heater "Stranger" that has been on repeat for a while and will added to our Gold Standard playlist tomorrow, available on both Apple Music and Spotify. Everyone that performed was incredible, but Southern Justis gets me really excited for the future of Country Music. When they played "Stranger", I felt like a little kid in a candy store, unreal. Make sure to check out their other music which includes a single "Miss the Bar" and their EP "South of Somewhere". I'm rooting for these guys big time.

Zach Westcott

My man just recently helped me start the #upstarmusicchallenge where independent artists cover each other and pass on the good vibes. So big s/o to him for that. Zach a New Jersey native moved to Nashville and hasn't looked back. Playing music full-time for three years across the country his passion intertwined with truthful songwriting his what is making his dreams become reality. The first time he opened his mouth and played a few verses on the concert series I knew this guy was going to be an absolute machine for years to come. Check out this risers four singles: "Hold My Beer", "Ain't Here with Me", "Turnin'" and my personal favorite "Let Me Show You". This man is a star, get on the bandwagon now.

If you missed all the incredible talent make sure to listen to our "Living Room Concert Series" playlist available on our profile on Apple Music and Spotify.



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