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Below are songs that have stuck with me for a while... From more established artists like Riley Green to artists who just released their debut single like Chris Housman, dig deep into my favorite heaters! These songs are so well crafted they have me wondering if these artists had a bigger spotlight, how high these jams would climb on the charts?

1. Georgia- Sean Stemaly

On this list it was hard to narrow it down to just 16 songs, let alone to rank them, but Sean Stemaly takes the crown. If you don't already know this name, it's gonna get familiar real quick. From his debut single "If Trucks Could Talk" to his latest single "Last Night All Day" he has put Country Music on notice and could have a quick track to stardom like Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen and Riley Green... just have that gut feeling. "Georgia" is one of those songs that once you hear it, you won't be able to stop and each verse will have you slowly bobbing your head sayin' "oh shit"... "OHHHH SHITTT"... Sean Stemaly is that dude, don't forget that.

2. Better Off Gone- Logan Mize

Why Logan Mize isn't bigger blows my mind. This dude has this amazing sound intertwined with that hometown feel songwriting. His latest album "Come Back Road" which released in 2017 is one of the best albums from top to bottom I have ever heard. "Better Off Gone" is the perfect mix of heartbreak and swallowing your pride and moving on... usually those two things don't go together, but Logan Mize makes sense of it. If you haven't, do yourself a favor and listen to this whole album, if you do and don't like it feel free to message me and I'll just tell you to listen again.

3. Georgia Time- Riley Green

First time I heard this was last year's CMA Fest at the Chevy Riverfront stage and Riley opened up by sayin' "this one's about a girl who was cheating on me with her ex back in Georgia" chuckled and then went straight into the song... FUCKING LEGEND. From that point on I went from liking Riley Green to becoming a huge fan, his set was remarkable and I spend the whole 13 hour ride back to Rochester listening to his songs. My favorite heaters are those with stories in them and mix that with Riley Green's witty songwriting, this heater is a slam dunk.

4. Some Girls- Jameson Rodgers

Like Riley Green, Jameson Rodgers is putting Country Music on notice. After two solid EPs this dude has shown off what he's capable of and his sound always gets me fired up. After just releasing his new single "Grew Up in the Country" he keeps solidifying why he's here to stay. Some Girls is the perfect song about break-ups and kinda how they go... "Some times, some girls make it easy on you...Some girls never do."...well if this ain't a mood I don't know what is, each one of his songs is honest and speaks the truth.

5. How Does It Sound- Dylan Schneider

Dylan Schneider was in the original group of artists I discovered in late 2016 that jump-started my idea for UPstar. Music along with artists like Jimmie Allen, Ryan Hurd and Seth Ennis. From his first EP "Wannabe" I knew that this teenage was wise beyond his years and was going to for sure make an impact in Country Music... Hell I'm older than him, he makes me feel the same way Zion does, this man is younger and is doing things I can't even dream of, all I can do is shake my head, making me feel old and I'm only 21. How Does It Sound showcases Dylan's once in a lifetime voice and his songwriting is just as good.

6. Famous- Adam Doleac

Straight up one of the catchiest songs I have ever heard. "Famous" makes me want to go up to a girl singing this song and have a choreographed dance to serenade her... in reality she would look at me like "what the hell is wrong with him?" and follow that thought by slapping the shit outta me, but man this song gets me movin'. On top of how catchy this song is, Adam Doleac has a voice from heaven and a voice we all think we have in the shower.

7. Boys- Muscadine Bloodline

If this song didn't just drop it would most likely be higher on the list. Just "HOLY SHIT". This song is me right now, the whole thing from the first line to the last and it hits me harder each time I listen to it. "Boys" is a cool and unique song from a different perspective. Usually a sad song is about the guy missing his ex, but in this jam sandwich it's about the guy being jealous toward the guy who's now dating his ex and how they'd prolly be boys if it wasn't for her. Muscadine Bloodline just continues to produce songs that slap, from "Porch Swing Angel" to "Enemy" to "Boys" they have me jamming out in my car and I don't care who's watching, even though Dave the Electrician is looking over at me at a red light telling himself that I need friends.

8. Long Story Long- Chris Housman

I've had the pleasure to work with Chris and he has been a huge supporter of UPstar. Music from the start. He is just a genuine good dude, who can whistle better than anyone down every bar on Broadway. When Chris and I first started messaging he hit me with the "hey man just released a song, check it out!" and when that happens it's either really good or needs some work and when I first listened to "Long Story Long" my face lit up and I shook my head in approval and was like "yup this dude is gonna be doing some big things" and listened like 5 more times. "Long Story Long" is a fun and catchy song that makes you want to go up to someone at the bar and hear their whole life story and then go dance for 20 minutes and come back and hear more... while getting blacked out. This is a name to keep on your radar.

9. I Hope- Gabby Barrett

Many of you may know the rising star Gabby Barrett from her run on American Idol and she is damn talented. After her last 3 singles she is turning heads and is setting herself up for a long stay in Nashville. I get so into this song I am yelling back into the speakers that this dude in the song deserves the absolute worst "I HOPE SHE CHEATS ON YOU, YOU ASSHOLE... HOW DARE YOU BREAK GABBY'S HEART" and then I snap back into reality and ask myself wtf I just did. If that doesn't make you want to listen to this song I don't know what will.

10. Miles to the Moon- Jordan Fletcher

Don't sleep on this man Jordan Fletcher, because with songs like "Miles to the Moon" he is gonna catch fire! This song flows so well and has this nice laid back vibe to it, along with descriptive songwriting that will blow you away... You should all be excited for what is coming next.

11. More Hearts Than Mine- Ingrid Andress

Ingrid Andress is becoming well known around Country Music after her recent hit "More Hearts Than Mine". This song is so well thought out and witty that I can see a whole movie out of it, no idea why but this song reminds me of one of those Hallmark movies my mom always watches, small town kid bringing her big city boyfriend home and who the hell knows what will happen next. And after her brand new single "Life of the Party" it's safe to say she's got next!

12. Radio- J. Hartley

For someone like me who is driving 25/8 from long road trips to down the street for some Taco Bell I always have my radio listening to music and when I was in a relationship, the same way, each trip was a mini concert... and once you break up each song that comes across that radio feels like it's about that one person you were always with. J. Hartley's "Radio" can't describe this feeling more accurately... I don't know what J stands for, but it should definitely be judicious, because this dude's songwriting is so witty and sensible.

13. Come Back- Brinley Addington

Brinley Addington has that traditional sound that is just perfect for Country Music. "Come Back" is about knowing the outcome with someone and they eventually leave and even though you are upset and want them back you want the best for them. You can't listen and not feel the tremendous heart and passion in his voice. Brinley just released a single "Changing My Mind" and once again... perfection, no catchy beats or extra jazz, just songs that are honest to the point and show heart and showcase his rising talent.

14. Ain't Close to Anywhere- Reid Haughton

When I first stumbled upon this Country anthem, the name Reid Haughton became engraved in my brain because without a doubt his raw talent is going to be at the top of Country Music one day. Give him a few years, but he is going to follow in the Luke Combs-Morgan Wallen-Riley Green-Sean Stemaly rise to fame, call me crazy, but just wait. If this jam can make me, a kid from a town of 100,000 people who has 4 high schools and 4 Mcdonald's feel like I'm from a town of 200 sitting in the sticks next to a cornfield drinkin' a cold beer for 3 minutes and 4 seconds, I'd say this dude has talent.

15. Trust You- Julia Cole

As a rising artist in Country Music Julia Cole is making a splash. "Trust You" is an absolute vibe that will make you get up and start dancin'. As I have recently jumped on the Julia Cole bandwagon I am excited to see what the future holds for her, but it is damn bright for sure. It is safe to say with voices like Julia's comin' through Nashville the women of Country Music are making waves, and if they aren't being played as much as they should on the radio y'all spinnin' these tunes are clueless.

16. This Feeling- Abby Anderson

"This Feeling" pulls me in right from the catchy beat to start the song and then Abby's voice just pulls you in. From watching her on Instagram, I don't think anyone in Country Music has more of a personality and energy than Abby Anderson... Sorry Sam Hunt and Riley Green, but if I had to choose one artist to go to dinner it may have to be Abby, I need to see this energy in real life. Abby Anderson is on the rise and with songs like "Make Him Wait" and "Guy Like You", it won't be long 'till she's headlining her own shows.



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