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50 Songs I've Been Rockin' With In Quarantine

I'm bored. You're Bored. Here's 50 heaters I've been diggin' lately. Grab a beer and a bottle of hand sanitizer and check em out.

Giving You Up- Kameron Marlowe

Boys- Muscadine Bloodline

Cover Me Up- Morgan Wallen

Breaking Up Was Easy in the 90s- Sam Hunt

Drunk Tattoo- Dustin Huff

Back Porch- Willie Jones

Hop the Fence- Cody Garrett

In My Veins- Lauren Alaina

Wild World- Kip Moore

Small Town Hypocrite- Caylee Hammack

The Blame- Sam Grow

Mind of It's Own- Muscadine Bloodline

Through Missing You- Will Hoge

Stranger- Southern Justis

Slow Song- Devin Matthews

Home Away From Home- Tim Dugger

Can't Quit You- Jody Chappell

Momma Didn't Raise No- Garrett Biggs

2016- Sam Hunt

Breakups- Broseph

American Nights- Morgan Wallen

Runnin' With an Angel- Riley Green

You Found Me- Alec Davis

New Every Day- Luke Combs

East Coast Hollywood- Trent Glisson

Long Story Long- Chris Housman

Life of the Party- Ingrid Andress

Afraid of the Dark- PJ North

I Wish Grandpas Never Died- Riley Green

Let Me Show You- Zach Westcott

Love Hangover- Kyle Elliott

Down for the Get Down- Hunter Jordan

Lie With Me- Porter Union

What's She Sippin' on- Randall Fowler

Lovin' My Mamma- Booke Lynn

Break Up More Often- Riley Green

In Love By Now- Riley Green

Better Together- Luke Combs


Hard to Forget- Sam Hunt

Miles to the Moon- Jordan Fletcher

Leaving Louisiana- Stephen Paul

Tennessee Hayden Coffman

Best Side of Me- Stephanie Nash

Bet She's Got a Boyfriend- Jon Robert Hall

Heartless- Morgan Wallen & Diplo


Diamonds or Twine- Ryan Hurd

Greatest Love Story- LANCO

Better off Gone- Logan Mize

Happy Easter y'all stay safe out there. Comment the songs/artists you have been diggin' since you got put on lockdown.



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