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Artist to Watch: Q & A with Cole Bradford

Cole Bradford resides in Nashville, TN and was born and raised in Conyers, Georgia (outside of Atlanta). There is nobody I am more excited to get his feet on the ground in Music City, as he possesses all the tools to become a household name. The Georgia native belts a blend of Southern Rock and Country Soul through his crisp sound and each lyric is filled with that genuine feel from the heart. Cole originally got into music in 4th grade when he started chorus and continued throughout high school. As he went off to Georgia Southern to play football, Cole continued his love for music by going out to bars and listening to bands - from the perspective of a fan. After getting his undergraduate degree Bradford moved up to Nashville to get his Masters Degree. He presently is a special education teacher and Head Football Coach at Overton High School which is outside of Brentwood, Tennessee. Missing his burning passion to create music, Cole taught himself how to play guitar 5 months ago and began chasing his dream. Bradford explains music as "a way to cope and have some fun and that's what I get through writing music and singing brings that all to life". Many aren't familiar with the name Cole Bradford, as he is just getting his music career started, but I promise you that after he drops his EP - coming in May - Cole's name will be spreading like wildfire.

UPstar. Music prides itself on being a positive place for artists, songwriters and musicians to come together, collaborate and have a platform to get their name out. Cole has been a cornerstone to the vision of UPstar. Music and between his jaw dropping voice and incredible work ethic, UPstar. Music has sponsored him. I FaceTimed Cole the other day to find out more about him.

Q: What made you want to pursue music as something you wanted to have a career in?

A: "Like I said I always loved music, I started in chorus in elementary school and continued to do that along with drama in high school. I also played baseball and football so it was definitely a lot to balance. People always gave me the attitude as "someone who would never do drama" and I couldn't stand that whole dynamic and people who thought that because I absolutely loved it. I always enjoyed entertaining people, if I'm around a group I'm not shy at all and I like making people laugh and mixing that with a love to sing and share music, even if you write one song people can relate to it's like teaching even if you impact 1 out of 100 it's worth it. I had a lot of friends push me into it and helped me get going and ever since then it has been my focus and has been great so far."

Q: What genres influence your music and what artists have impacted you the most?

A: I grew up listening to a little bit of everything, honestly a lot of Rap and Hip-Hop as well as Southern Rock as that's what my mom and dad listened to. Obviously I listened to a ton of Country especially George Straight and now listen to Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen they're great. As for my genre influences I would credit Southern Rock and 90s Country the most influential as well as Today's Country. I like to do different things with my voice and pull sounds from each genre.

Q: What is one thing people don't know about you?

A: "Sheeeeeesh... I don't know. (6 minute pause went to the next question then came back) One thing people in the music community don't know is I played college football and was an offensive lineman at Georgia Southern. Just going to go with a cool memory, we beat the University of Florida in the Swamp 26-20 with 0 passing yards, we ran triple option and I think we rushed for like 423 yards so that was really cool to be a part of."

Q: What have you been doing during the Big C in quarantine?

A: "During the Coronavirus I have my daily check-ins with my teachers at Overton and that kind of stuff and been working out in the yard, running and writing music. That has been about all my quarantine has consisted of. It's been tough, but try to find the positive out of everything and it has been a great time to get after it and write and connect with people. I can honestly say through UPstar. Music I have met probably and this is no exaggeration, 35-40 new, I'm going to call them friends that I have now connected with in the last two and a half weeks. Actually got some more Skype writes scheduled with them coming up.

Cole is on the process of releasing his debut EP which is expected sometime in May featuring "Got My Eyes On You", "Shotgun DJ", "Made It Outta My Truck" and a song I co-wrote with him "Miles On My Heart" and possibly a few more. This man will be turning heads soon.



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