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Building the Community: Jackson Grove & Nuthin' Fancy Co.

We are back with the UPstar. Music's Building the Community series. I sat down with Jackson Grove, the Founder and Owner of Nuthin Fancy Co.. The main theme of this series is to highlight individuals who work in and around Country Music in order to make it such a cool and electric industry to be a part of. Even though Jackson may not be in the heart of the genre, he works with some of Country Music's biggest rising stars such as HARDY, Koe Wetzel, Sean Stemaly and Larry Fleet, amongst others. Jackson explains Nuthin' Fancy as "A lifestyle clothing brand made for the simple times and a simple life. Our motto is to keep it simple". I have so much respect for the job Jackson has done and the company he has built on hard work and the genuine passion he has for clothing and apparel. I've been in distant contact with Jackson over the years as UPstar. Music and Nuthin' Fancy Co. started around the same time. Seeing how much Jackson has grown this company is just incredible. The branding of Nuthin' Fancy is one of a kind. They will, without a doubt, be a household name in Country Music, hunting and other markets for a long time. Y'all need to go snag a lid ASAP; some of the best in the game. I sat down and talked to Jackson about how he was always obsessed with clothing brands growing up, his future plans and how guys like HARDY and Koe have helped grow his brand and have been a huge support.

Get To Know Jackson

"I'm from Fredrick, Maryland. It's about an hour west of DC and Baltimore and is an interesting area. I have so many great friends I hangout with. My whole life has become about Nuthin' Fancy, which has been great. I started dating a girl in Nashville about 8 months ago. We met on the internet, I went down to visit her and we really hit it off. A part of me really wants to move to Nashville, but I also love where I live. I like the freedom of Fredrick. I love to hunt. Duck hunt, Deer hunt... I'm a big bow hunter. Every year I'll put out a bunch of cameras to take inventory to see what bucks are still around. I try to kill the most mature buck on the property."

Q & A With Jackson Grove

Q: How did you come up with the idea for Nuthin' Fancy and how did this journey start for you?

"The reason I created Nuthin' Fancy was because I was a simple kid in college, doing what college kids would do. I’d hang out with friends and dream of what I could become in the future. I always wanted to make a clothing brand. Growing up, I was obsessed with how brands would/could establish an identity and culture. I was a Nike fanatic when I was in middle school. I think we all do this, but I thought the logo was cool and saw other people wearing it. That was one thing that really inspired me to create a clothing brand. I wasn't worried about the money I would make, I just wanted to do something that was fun and would appeal to a lot of people. The name was inspired by hanging out with my friends and the good times I had with them listening to music and just doing stupid shit. I live on a farm and the freedom you have to do whatever you want is great. There's no better feeling.

Nuthin’ Fancy started 4 or 5 years ago, because at the time, there weren't a lot of clothing brands on Instagram. That market has really grown since and now there's an influx of them. I was so focused on creating a clothing brand when I was a freshman in college, I wasn't motivated by anything else, especially school. But, I wanted to do something that's creative and which I was passionate about. Seeing other brands find success really gave me confidence to start a brand myself."

Captured by: @tanner.gallagher

Q: Most memorable moment so far with Nuthin' Fancy?

"One of the most memorable moments was when I first met HARDY in 2019. He was just getting going and he invited me to a show. I brought my brother and his good friend. It was a farm show and it was a bunch of Amish people. Nobody was drinking and it was interesting because Hardy's music is very Rock. To see Amish people jamming out to his music was an interesting sight. The second most memorable was when I went down to Lubbock, Texas for one of HARDY and Koe Wetzel's acoustic shows. The show was such an incredible experience. Being down in Texas for the first time and seeing these two artists play an acoustic show, like that may never happen again because they were doing it because of Covid. We were staying on Main Street, right outside the campus of Texas Tech. We must have had 50 tequila shots that weekend - it was insane. The venue was so bad ass; it was called "Cook's Garage". I never met Koe until I went to this show, finally getting to meet him and hangout with HARDY. I was able to meet everyone they work with and all their family and friends. It was such a cool experience. I'm thankful that those guys rep my brand as much as they do."

Captured By: @hunterphelpsmusic

Q:What is your vision for Nuthin' Fancy?

"I just want to keep building on what I have now and to keep improving on my products. I want to be known as the company who has the best hats and great apparel. I've already touched into a golf line and will do more of that this year. In 5 years, I want a golf line that is big enough and is high enough quality for someone to wear on the PGA Tour. I'd also like to produce casual hunting wear, not too crazy, but just some basic stuff. Those are the two markets I want to be on the outskirts of."

Q: What advice do you have for anyone who's trying to become an entrepreneur and start their own podcast, business, service etc.?

"If you want to be an entrepreneur, the most important thing is that you have to commit yourself and mentally take the approach of "this is my life and is going to be my future". You really have to commit. Many people will set a few hours aside each day for something they love to do, but this isn't like that. Your company or whatever you are trying to do has to be a priority. If that's not something you can do, you should definitely save your money and energy."

If you are just discovering Nuthin' Fancy Co. check them out at, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tik Tok



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