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Carson Beyer Plays Storyteller On Single "Nearest Green"... And It's A Story You Wanna Hear

Have you ever heard of Nearest Green? Nope, me either until I heard this song for the first time and got curious. Went over and popped the name into Google and holy shit was I blown away! Green was a distiller in the early 1800s who was born into slavery. Nearest taught the great Jack Daniel his techniques and the skills needed to create the finest whiskey in the land. Some say Nearest Green's recipe is what catapulted Jack Daniel's Whiskey and made it so popular... but that's a debate for another time.

Get To Know Carson

Born and raised in the small town of Paducah, Kentucky, Carson Beyer grew up around Country Music and has been singing his whole life. Growing up on a farm Carson was living the country lifestyle and constantly listening to greats like Brooks & Dunn, George Strait, Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw as well as singing their songs at karaoke nights around town and at family parties. In his teenage years, Carson had a passion for playing sports and they quickly took over his life while music took a backseat for a while. Carson went on to play football at Murray State, which took up a great deal of his free time. He describes the experience as one way that he met some amazing people, learned a lot about life and grew tremendously as a person. Over time, music found its way back into Carson's life. He recalls himself singing at team parties and with his friends, and they encouraged him to seriously think about music. They would always brag how talented he was. This made Carson really stop and think about his future, as he has always been passionate about music. He decided to really chase his dream and began writing with people in Nashville and taking vocal lessons.

A History Lesson Intertwined Into A Bad Ass Song

From the jump, this song puts you into a mysterious dark swamp land. It transitions into a little story telling before Carson explodes with his vocals. Filled with this badass, boot stomping vibe, "Nearest Green" is the prime example of how Country Music songwriting is next level. A clever, unique jam that will have you on the edge of your seat and listening to every word. Carson Beyer's vocals are out of this world. You can hear his passion and love for Country Music in each lyric.

Inspiration Behind the song "Nearest Green"

Written By: Serg Sanchez, Co-Produced By: Brandon Blanchard & Serg Sanchez

"I actually didn't write this song. This is one of two songs I've released that I didn't write. I heard it when it was getting tuned up from a songwriters perspective and I was like "what is this song about? How have I not heard this story before?" I started Googling around and the songwriter was like "I'm not going to sing it myself and I don't know if I want to pitch it yet, but if you're interested" … I jumped on it right away. I just thought it was cool having this whiskey that we have been drinking forever, it's world famous and people don't even know the true backstory behind it. Before this song, everything I've released has been a true story in my life. I liked it that way. This helped establish who I was as an artist and let people know who I was as a person. But when this came along, I knew I could rock it up and that there were people out there who needed to hear this story."

Q & A With Carson Beyer

Q: What was that "lightbulb" moment when you knew you wanted to pursue music?

A: "I got done with my time at Murray St. playing football. I had a blast and learned so much about myself as a person and I grew tremendously into a young man. Everyone around me - whether it was in the locker room or out at a party with the boys - would always be like "damn, you can actually sing". That made an impression on me because to me, I was just the boy around town that liked to sing karaoke or with family. First, I applied to graduate school to further my education. That was the start of me coming down to Nashville to start writing and taking vocal lessons. I got a letter telling me I got accepted into this graduate program and I remember looking at it and it wasn't what I wanted anymore. I finally learned to play guitar and had been having fun writing songs. I know that I will be broke for a while doing this, and that the odds are stacked against me, but in my heart and gut I knew I had to give music a shot. I couldn't be happier right now."

Q: What was your first gig ever playing music?

A: "I did a 2nd grade talent show, it was like a song and dance thing. I forgot what song I sang, but I had to do a dance with a girl. It was a lot of fun and I just remember how much I enjoyed it- getting up in front of people and having all eyes on me."

Q: Most embarrassing moment?

A: "Oh man, we were in weight training for high school ball. I was a freshman, and we were pumping weights, and I was trying to hang with the big boys. We were doing - like front squats or something and I was trying to impress the Seniors. Long story short, it was right after lunch and here is this little 14 year old boy trying to prove himself to the world. And dude, I threw up all over the guy that was spotting me, all over myself... wasn't fun! Had to throw out all my clothes."

Q: Favorite TV Show?

A: "Ohhhhh man... that's a loaded question... of all-time? Well, a show that hooked me from the start was Breaking Bad. I was years late to the party and I wanted to see what the hype was about. Between the acting and storyline, I was hooked and couldn't get enough of it. Every single episode was suspenseful and I had to see what happened next."

If you are just discovering Carson Beyer, check out his other music available on your favorite streaming platform. New music being released very soon... stay tuned.



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