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Cody Bradley Releases Debut Single "L.A"... And Yes, It's A Heater

If y'all haven't heard of the name Cody Bradley mark it down. I was first introduced to Cody back in March when he played in UPstar. Music's "Living Room Concert Series" on Instagram Live and HOLY SHIT did he catch my eye right away. His raw ability molded with his potential as a songwriter will set him up to have a successful career in Music City.

Get To Know Cody

Cody hails from Cochran, Georgia, a small town south of Macon. His passion for music at a young age led him to play guitar and start writing songs and work on his craft as a songwriter. Cody later began a new chapter of his life as he joined the Army and took a step back from music. Cody talked about how he purposely took an assignment close to Nashville, so not only could he serve our great country, but be able to pursue his love for music. Cody gives a ton of credit to guys like Ethan Willis and Matt Burrill (In the Round Podcast) for giving him confidence to take the next step with music.

"L.A."... A Jam Sandwich I'd Highly Recommend

Do I say this every article... yup. Am I going to say it in this article... yup. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Hearing Cody jam out a few months ago I was excited to see what he had up his sleeve and god damnit he delivered. The song digs into having that special someone in your life out grow you and small town living to chasing the bright lights in a big city and live a "bigger and better" lifestyle. The song starts by saying "You've always been too fast for this slow down town" and instantly draws you in. The song brings you into this vulnerable place which is so relatable...c'mon we've all been there, sometimes more than once, you find someone you think is perfect, but deep down you know they're going to be the one to move on a chase something better. What's so good about L.A. anyway?

Inspiration behind "L.A."

Written By: Cody Bradley & John Morgan, Produced By: Will Garrett

"We walked into the write, I actually had another song I wanted to work on. I had been mauling on this idea and saving it for John specifically. I pitched it to him and he was just like "alright" and wasn't giving me great vibes about it and I was like "dude! I really want to write this song". He came back at me with "hey, how about this? What's so good about L.A.? Like a girl leaves a guy and goes to a big city". So we were sitting there and he is a genius with the guitar... John Morgan is a genius with it and so he started playing this riff and I started singing L.A. over and over. After he heard he he goes "hold on, say that one more time and then anyway" and once I sang that he was like "dude, we have got to write this." The song started to come together right away, he thought it was cool and I thought it was cool and here it is."

Q & A With Cody Bradley

What was the inspiration for you to pursue your music dream?

"It was 100% that my brother died in 2015 and I went home and to feel better that's when I really got back into writing songs and stuff. I would always stay out with my friends playing songs and it was always such a great feeling. People would stop what they were doing and I was like "if I'm going to do something with this life, I have to just do it". I decided to re-enlist in the Army instead of chasing my dream, which I was going to do 4 years earlier. Definitely was when my brother died that I looked at myself and just told me that I had to do it ."

What is a combination of food you love that everyone else thinks is weird?

"Ah dude, I literally put ranch seasoning on everything. Yes, not ranch dressing, ranch seasoning. I'll put like cheese quesadilla in the microwave and then just put the seasoning all over it. It tastes like the dressing just in a powder form, it's amazing."

If you could write a song with anyone who would it be and who would you want to perform it?

"If I could write a song with one person it would have to be Randy Travis back in his hay day. He's always been a huge inspiration to me and I know him so it would be cool. I just grew up listening to him, my grandma loves Randy Travis and we'D ride our golf carts and have our walkman and would always listen to old Country Music stations."

What's one thing that people who aren't close with you don't know?

"Oh, I'm super OCD. Dude, I believe everything has a place and that thing has to always be in that place so I can find it. My closet is organized by type of shirt, so when I want a specific one I can just go grab it. When I came back from Syria I had to go talk to people and they call it "battle brain" or "combat mindset" since everything is life or death over there. So like my gun needs to be where in a specific place, things like that. Like I will anxious if I can't find things something right away."

Head over to Instagram, Facebook and Spotify and go stream Cody Bradley's new single "L.A". If you don't go follow him on Instagram, Facebook and Spotify. Thank you Cody for your service!



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