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Dawson Edwards Steals Your Heart On The Dance Floor With New Single "Two Step Back to You"

For all those fans that love your traditional Country Music and don't stray far from your roots, this song is for you. Dawson Edwards has that 90s Country vibe with an electric voice intertwined with honest lyrics. "Two Step Back to You" will have you going out to your local Honky Tonk and breaking out your dancin' boots. You’ll bust out some moves - even if it makes you look like a dumb ass with two left feet.

Get To Know Dawson

Dawson grew up in Rome, Georgia and has always had a love for Country Music. From watching live shows from the Opry with his mom to truck rides blasting 90s Country Music with his dad, music has always been a part of his life. Dawson started playing guitar when he was 13. He got into writing songs when his dad went back to school and had to take writing classes. Dawson was curious and would go through his dad's work and see some of the poems he had written. This turned into Dawson and his dad starting to write songs together. Later, Dawson got his first guitar from a pawn shop and started playing. As he got more invested with becoming a performer and focusing on music, Dawson began to play shows at Mexican restaurants and bars to showcase his voice. Soon after, Dawson knew he wanted to move to Nashville to chase his musical dream. In order to make the move possible, he got a job at 18 - right out of high school, worked to save up enough money and then made the trip to Music City. The day we did the interview marked 5 years that Dawson has been in Nashville.

Check Out Dawson's New Single "Two Step Back to You"

Written By: Dawson Edwards, Joey Hollis, Frank Legeay & Alex Maxwell,

Produced By: Greg Bates

If you hear "Two Step Back to You" and aren't snapping along, spinning around in the kitchen or moving a part of your body then you must be over your limit of fun for May because this is an ABSOLUTE HEATER. If I could get a girl to go on a date with me, this would for sure be the song I'd bring her onto the dance floor for. God, I'm funny! This jam is filled with clever lyrics and the perfect loose, upbeat vibe we all need during the COVID-19 experience.

Inspiration Behind "Two Step Back to You"

"Me, Alex and Frank write a ton together. This song actually is not brand new, probably a year old. We wrote it around this time last year. When we wrote it, I had just put a project out and wasn't necessarily looking for a new one. I'm pretty positive Alex had the idea and Frank made the track. It comes from an honest place and even though it's a light-hearted song, the song can relate to everyone. You always think you're better off alone than tied down with someone. When it's fresh and you're single you're like "this is awesome" and then, after that, you look back and are like "I probably screwed this up pretty bad". This song is a light-hearted way of saying that you love going out and having fun and dancing with all the girls, but at the end of the night you miss that special girl. Even though it's a fun song, there's a lot that goes into it."

Q & A With Dawson Edwards

Q: What was the first moment you remember falling in love with Country Music?

A: "So like I said before, mom always had the radio on in the car, and always kept the TV on CMT or GAC. I got a big dose of Country Music early on because she always kept the music going. My dad is obsessed with Hank Jr. and Waylon, mostly Hank. My dad is like one of the biggest Hank Jr. fans I know. So I got a lot of the old stuff from him and listening to those songs. I've listened to Country Music my whole life. From old traditional songs to new country, I love it all. There are definitely songs I don't like and ones I like more than others, but it's Country Music, top to bottom. There was a significant moment when I was watching tv. They used to air shows from the Grand Ole Opry on TV and it was early on in Eric Church's and Randy Houser's career. Randy Houser was playin a song- sitting on a barstool and he's just belting it out and sweating his ass off and he's so into it. Both were so passionate about what what they were doing and as they were playing I was like "oh my god, that is exactly what I want to do."

Q: If you could co-write a song with one person who would it be and why?

A: "Man, my dream way of having a song happen would be…

Ben Hayslip has like 40 number one songs, he's from Georgia and when I was first in town he reached out to me. Ben helped me out a little bit and set me up with some people and was a big reason I wound up getting signed to BMG. I’d been in town 8-9 months and had a ton of meetings until I finally found a home. I've actually never written with Ben, we just keep in touch here and there, but if Ben and I could write a song and then have it get cut by Eric Church, THAT would be my dream situation."

Q: Who are the musical influences that helped shape your career as a songwriter/artist?

A: "So, I'd say some of my biggest influences are definitely Eric Church and Hank Jr.. Like I said, my mom had the TV playing non-stop with Country Music, like I'm not joking. Just being around that 90s and early 2000s Country, I'd be lying if I said that didn't influence me. Some of my biggest influences now - like meeting and writing with so many creative people here in Nashville - would for sure be the people I'm around all the time. I know that sounds crazy, to say your buddies, but it is a huge influence. They are people that keep me pushing and doing my thing. Also, I’m a huge George Strait and Alan Jackson fan. I love Jason Aldean, his early stuff was so freaking good. I would say my stage presence is a mix of everyone. I go from splashing beer and being rowdy on some songs, to some songs just hanging with the microphone and my guitar."

Q: Favorite NASCAR moment of all-time?

A: "That is a loaded question, what most people don't understand with my obsession with NASCAR is I'm just a passionate person when I care about stuff - whether it's my music career, my family or NASCAR. Those are three things I love the most in this world. My dad is a mechanic, he used to do work on dirt track cars for tunes of people, because we have Rome Speedway in our own town. Racing was always around, it has always been a part of my life. I just can't go 200 mph in a race car because I'm a scared little girl, so I respect those guys so much. It's a lot safer to stand on stage and play guitar than to go that fast in a race car. Being such a big fan, I've been lucky to have met some really cool people and made some connections. I have had the opportunity to do some things I never thought I would. Last year, I got to see Chase Elliott - who is one of my favorite drivers - and I was at Talladega when he won. I got to see a race in the pit box after my buddy hooked me up for the race. And a few other moments that were just incredible to be a part of."

If you haven't already, make sure to check out some of Dawson's older projects like "Your Man Tonight" and "Mama n Them" over on Apple Music and Spotify.



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