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Elijah Borders Brings High Energy With Single "Were You Really Mine"

Personally, I was a little late to the Elijah Borders party, but god damn did he wake me up with his new single! "Were You Really Mine" is the perfect fusion of a little bit of Country with a jolt of some Rock, to get you jamming out. To be completely honest, if I tried to hit some of these notes, I would be without my voice for a week.

Get To Know Elijah

Before making the move to Music City, Elijah was born and raised in Jacksonville, Alabama - about three and a half hours south of Nashville. Elijah talks about being from a small town with around 500 people and being surrounded by farms, cornfields and dirt roads. Hell, that could be the title to his next song. A little late to the party, Elijah began taking music seriously at 19 years old and began to test the waters by writing songs and playing gigs. After learning to play guitar at age 12, Elijah focused on sports much of his youth. Between participating in baseball and football, music was in the back seat. When the time came where his interest for music was elevated, he was in college. Elijah realized his life was meant for something besides sports. He picked up his guitar, started singing and decided to pick up a few gigs. Eventually, Elijah got some guys together and formed a band. At that moment he thought they were solid, but looking back not so much.

Get Ready To Rock Out With "Were You Really Mine"

For a while now Country Music has been a melting pot for artists everywhere. Whether artists blend the traditional sound with Pop, R&B, Rock and the list goes on, artists can show their true self with their own version of Country Music. This song represents that for Elijah. With a nice blend of Rock, "Were You Really Mine" explodes with the electric guitar and heavy drums. A unique sound giving off some major Koe Wetzel vibes. And holy shit, Elijah Borders’ pipes come to life in this one! He is going to be a hell of a talent for years to come. Check out this super dope music video of "Were You Really Mine" with the help of the talented Whale Tale Media.

Inspiration Behind "Were You Really Mine"

Written By: Elijah Borders & Tyler Chambers, Produced By: Brad Wagner

"We kind of just wrote it on the premise of ‘no matter what you do in the relationship, if it's not a mutual thing and one person is putting in more effort than the other, and vice versa, it's never going to work out.’ The “were you really mine” thing comes from, like - if you are putting so much time into a relationship, but in the end you sit there asking yourself, did she even love me to begin with if she's just gonna leave like she did."

Q & A With Elijah

Q: When did you know you wanted to pursue music?

A: "I was like 19 and had been playing guitar for a little bit and I told my mom that music is something I wanted to do. She told me "either do it or don't, put down the guitar and stop talking about it or actually go out and find some shows and do this 100%". So that's what I did. I borrowed some equipment from a buddy of mine and just went out to a local bar and went in and told them I played music and asked if they had a spot open for me. They asked if I had ever played anywhere else and I responded with no. They ended up giving me the gig but couldn't pay me. This was the show that nobody showed up for - except for one guy who stayed for 30 minutes. That's what got me hooked on music. For some reason, singing in an empty bar is what keeps me going to this day."

Q: What's your favorite thing about Nashville?

A: "The thing that I love about Nashville is that you're always around people with the same mindset. No matter what position you hold in the music industry - you're a songwriter, an artist, in media or videography - no matter who you are, everyone has the same grind. Everyday I want to better myself and my craft because there is so much talent here that you can't take your foot off the gas."

Q: What is your favorite venue that you've performed at so far?

A: "Favorite venue so far has to be Terminal South in Tifton, Georgia. It's literally in the middle of nowhere and there's a college there called ABAC (Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College). It’s a small college but the place is rowdy as shit! Just a bunch of country boys that get really hammered and absolutely love live music."

Q: If you could create your own concert line-up, who are the acts you'd choose and why?

A: "If I could host my own concert, Lil Wayne would definitely be in there! He is the rap GOAT and everyone knows that. If you don't think so, then you're wrong! Sorry. Nirvana for sure. They have paved the way for all Rock artists today and some of Country Music as far as songwriting and production. Koe Wetzel of course. I am the biggest Koe fan outside the state of Texas. If you have a problem with that, you can come see me. And probably either Shania Twain or Miranda Lambert. I'd go with Miranda Lambert. That's a sick little line-up right there."

Head over to Apple Music and Spotify and stream Elijah Borders new jam as well as his debut single "Could Be for You"



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