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From Uganda To Georgia, Patrick Ford Is Chasing His Dream In Country Music, Releases Debut Single

Being able to sit back and listen to people not only talk about their genuine passion for Country Music, but hear all the stories that make them who they are, is incredible. From growing up in Uganda to moving to Georgia, Patrick Ford has already had a life filled with change and adjustment. But one thing that has always stayed consistent is his love for Country Music. From starting out in choir to diving into the stories in Country songs, Patrick has found his calling and is chasing his dream as a singer-songwriter in Music City.

Get To Know Patrick

"I was born in Uganda, Africa and moved here when I was 8 turning 9. When my family came over, I was in this choir and traveled the whole Southeast singing and dancing. We would raise money doing these concerts and send it back home to Uganda. Our purpose was to give back and help who we could. I moved to the middle of Georgia, bounced around for a little bit and picked up Country Music along the way. From being in the choir, I had some music experience. When I fell in love with Country Music, it made me want to follow that path."

A Damn Good Start

The Country Music industry is filled with talent and individuals who are all chasing a similar dream. In the early years of careers it's all about finding your sound and writing songs that represent who you are. I think it's safe to say that Patrick Ford has found both already in his early career. "Ain't Just Some Dust" captures Patrick's love for his roots in Country living. Each line and verse shows his passion for the ground he grew up on. Nothing can beat majestic vocals intertwined with an electric guitar and lyrics you can envision. Patrick Ford may be at the very beginning of his journey in Country Music, but it sure as hell ain't gonna be the last time you hear from this young bull!

Inspiration Behind "Ain't Just Some Dust"

Written By: Patrick Ford, Michael Warren & Lauren-Michael Sellers,

Produced By: Grady Saxman

"It was actually my first co-write, which happened during my first trip up to Nashville. Well, I was there hanging out and Michael (Warren) hit me up and said "hey man, I see you're in town, let's get together and do something". I think I went up for a meeting. It was supposed to be a one day thing that turned into four days. We got into the room - myself, Michael and Lauren, who's a phenomenal writer and vocalist. We had that “what are you looking for'' moment in the beginning and were talking about the kind of sound I was looking for. I pointed out how I love Jason Aldean's sound. We worked to combine that into the story I was trying to portray, and it ended up working out well. "Ain't Just Some Dust" is kind of a weird title and rolls off the tongue a little differently, but it really captures what living in the country means to me. The idea really stemmed from ‘it looks like one thing to most people, but to us it means so much more’. We take such pride in our roots. It turned out great and I'm happy that I got to write it with these talented people."

Q & A With Patrick Ford

Q: What was that "light bulb" moment when you knew you wanted to pursue music?

A: "There's a few moments... like at first it was "I love this". Being able to be on stage with the choir, I was one of the main guys out and I had to take the lead vocal in a song. I’d never done that before. I got up in front of everybody and sang; it wasn't as bad as I heard it in my head. But, being on stage and taking the lead was really cool and something I wanted to do more of. As far as Country Music, when I moved to Georgia, I was always around Country Music and you learn to love it. I certainly did as soon as I heard it. I heard Justin Moore's album "Outlaws Like Me", which was one of the first records I really got into. My brother played a song about guns and I was like "so you're telling me you can have guns and go out and blow things up?" I loved that. To be able to hear things that are real and we can go out and live, is amazing to me. It isn't some cool tracks with catchy words, the lyrics are real and are what we live everyday. The more I dug into Country Music, I realized that a big part of it is songwriting and telling a genuine story. That really made me want to do this."

Q: Who are some artists and songwriters that influence your music?

A: "Like I said (Jason) Aldean, Justin Moore - they are just so authentic and real. Justin Moore was the first artist I really listened to and Jason Aldean came later down the road. I just loved, and still do, his sound and his grit, I love what Jason Aldean is doing. And everyone loves (Eric) Church. There are so many great guys. From the songwriter side of things, HARDY is killing it, both as an artist and songwriter. I've been tapping so much into him lately and his whole "A Rock" album is incredible. Love Josh Thompson, he's done a bunch of stuff with Aldean. My range of music is so wide open and diverse. I could go on and on all day."

Q: What has been a life changing moment in your life that has helped you?

A: "There's a few. I think the biggest thing right now, I'm a huge family guy and support is very important to me. I remember playing some shows and there's like 5 people in the venue, 4 being your family. When things like that happen you beat yourself up. But at the same time, to see that group of people who stick with you through everything is powerful. After one show specifically, my family was just so happy to see me doing what I love. It goes to show you that yeah, there's strength in numbers, but at the same time having people supporting me from the beginning really keeps me going. As far as life changing, I've had a few encounters with some people in town who are doing bigger things than me and have been helping me. There's a few guys up in Nashville that I've sat down with and they have helped me navigate life there. They have shared that there isn't a specific path that you have to take.To get that support from those guys, for them to be real with me and tell me they went through the same things I’m going through has given me a lot of clarity."

Q: What does Country Music mean to you?

A: "I've always been around Country Music. It's funny. When I was in Uganda, I remember sitting with my dad, having evening tea and there was a tiny little radio there. It was after a long work day, and "If Tomorrow Never Comes" came on and I was like "what is this?" I really gravitated toward that sound. I just fell in love. That was my first encounter with Country Music. It's just real. When I hear lyrics, I feel them and see my own experiences in these songs. Also, I can't change who I am. I can listen to other genres of music, but at the end of the day, oftentimes I don't connect to that music like I do with Country Music."

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