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Hadley Shares The Struggles Of Being Away From Home And On The Road In Single "Missed Your Call"

Well, after a crazy 4 days of CMA Fest, the A/C at my house breaking and my laptop completely fizzling out on me, we are back to normal. Nothing I enjoy more than watching close friends chase their dreams in this crazy industry and Hadley is a prime example of that. I sat down with Hadley and talked about her single "Missed Your Call", her years performing at the famous Tootsie's Orchid Lounge and how she hates hot chicken... yes you heard that correctly!

Get To Know Hadley

"I'm from Marietta, Georgia. I used to live in Cherokee County, about 30 minutes from Marietta but my parents got divorced when I was 10 years old so I moved to Marietta and had to start at a new school. I hated my life. I moved in with my grandparents and for a while there were 7 of us living there. My mom and I shared a room. After about a year I got my own room which was nice. My mom met my step dad, started dating and two years later they got married and we moved into a new house. I think I was in 7th grade and one random afternoon my stepdad came to me and told me he always heard me singing in my room. He asked me if I wanted to be a singer. As a kid I never thought you could be a singer, I didn't think that was a job. He told me his cousin was in the music industry and he could arrange for singing lessons, but he wanted to make sure I was serious about music. I did singing lessons for a year. When I was 14 years old he asked me if I wanted to go to Nashville. The three of us went to Nashville. We walked into Tootsie's. On the second floor they did auditions and I got up and started to sing. The music director there, John Taylor, told me that when I was 18 I could have a job if I learned the guitar and the entire set list. I continued to come back to Nashville once a month for the next four years to sing in the bars. I applied to Belmont and got accepted on the biggest scholarship they offer. Belmont told me if I was going to work that they would honor that scholarship for the rest of my life, I would just have to re-audition. I graduated high school when I was 18 years old and moved to Nashville, on my own, the month after I graduated. The day I moved in I went to sing. I was at Tootsies from that point until May of 2021. Now I travel back and forth from Nashville to Key West so I can sing down there as well."

A Song That Hits Home

Country Music is filled with great storytelling and authentic stories that hit every kind of emotion. That is one reason I love this genre so much. But, there are more and more songs being put out that are cookie cutter and watered down for radio. Luckily, "Missed Your Call" isn't one of those. This song is relatable for anybody in the music industry who is constantly on the road chasing this crazy dream without knowing if they will ever make it and having to make endless sacrifices. Oftentimes, being on the road traveling to shows and other opportunities around the country, you miss those important calls you wish you could take. Hadley showcases her miraculous vocals and dialed in tone to deliver an emotional and real song. Hadley's delivery of every note and line makes you freeze in time. It paints the perfect picture of the struggles of being on the road and the reality of being a traveling musician. Excited to see what's next for Hadley.

Inspiration Behind "Missed Your Call"

Written By: Ashley McBryde, Josh Melton & Mark Burke

Produced By: Niko Albanese

"I was really humbled. I was singing at Casa Rosa which is Miranda Lambert's bar on Broadway and one of the guys that wrote on the song came up to me and told me I would sound great on this song. Ashley (McBryde) wasn't going to cut it. He asked me if I wanted to and sent the song to me. It's about a girl being on the road, not being able to talk to her parents as much as she wants to and then when you call back, they are busy. You are always missing their calls so it's like phone-tag. I relate a ton to that because that's the life I've lived for so many years. Also, Ashley McBryde is one of my favorite artists, so cutting this song was a no brainer for me."

Q & A With Hadley

Q: What was that "light bulb" moment that you knew you wanted to pursue music?

A: "I've been singing since I was 3 years old. There are pictures of me singing with one of those "echo" plastic microphones when I was really young. My "light bulb" moment was definitely when my step dad asked me if I was serious about music and I started taking voice lessons. My dad's cousin told me that I actually had talent if I worked hard and put time into music. He's done some significant work in the music industry, so for him to say that, his opinion really meant a lot to me. And growing up I couldn't really think of anything else I wanted to do.”

Q: Who are some artists and songwriters that influence your music?

A: "First, I would have to say Ashley McBryde. One reason is because she doesn't pretend to be someone she's not, she is herself and she won't change for anyone. If you look back on all the stuff Ashley has done, you can tell how hard she has worked and that she is deserving of her success. I try to have that mentality with my career. Another artist is Lauren Alaina. She's also from Georgia and I love how genuine she is. I swore up and down for my entire life that I would never be a fan girl but she is the one person I did freak the heck out about. When I did, we took pictures and videos at Red Door; she's so genuine. Ernest inspires and influences me a lot. He's changed genres and worked his ass off and while I don't know him personally, it seems like he never stops working. Morgan Wallen inspires my music as well."

Q: What does Country Music mean to you?

A: "Music in general, especially when my parents were getting divorced, was the one thing that kept me sane. There are songs that you relate to which help you to realize that other people are going through the same struggles you are and it's not the end of the world - it's common. I like the fact that no matter what emotion you are feeling, there are people that write about those emotions and share those songs with the world. As a songwriter and creator of music, it can be a form of therapy. Whether you release that music or not, it helps you. Traditional Country, in particular, is usually focused on storytelling and is very relatable."

Q: Favorite thing about Nashville?

A: "Favorite thing about Nashville, Red Door... duh. Second, I like to go to places outside of just Midtown and Broadway like the Nashville Palace. You get to see the old traditional Country Music there which I love to listen to. Food … I hate Hot Chicken... I HATE IT! I wish I didn't but I do. I love The Stillery in Midtown. Another thing I love about Nashville is that almost everyone is involved in Music in one way or another, whether it's singing or playing an instrument or writing songs. I find it fascinating that there are so many talented people in this town."

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