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If You Aren't Getting Drunk To Tommy O'Keeffe's Single "Whiskey on a Weekday" What Are You Doing?

Nowadays there is a lot to drink about... COVID-19 has dominated the world more than the Bulls did in the 90's. Everyone thinks they're an anchor on CNN and Fox News and I'm starting to forget what going to a concert is like. So, not only are we all drinking away our sorrows, but many of us are drinking during the week, 'cause hell, there ain't anything else to do. Did Tommy O'Keeffe just drop a much needed summer vibe to get drunk to? You bet your ass he did.

Get To Know Tommy

For someone with such a rich, authentic country sound, Tommy didn't grow up listening to Country Music. For most of his childhood, it was quite the opposite. Growing up Tommy was a major fan of Metallica, ACDC and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He remembers always being a big fan of music and songwriting. In 8th grade, Tommy recalls that he and his best friend were huge Creed fans and wanted to create a tribute band where his friend would play all the instruments and he would get up and sing. His freshman year of high school, Tommy went to the local fair and got to hear some major country music. The switch quickly flipped and his love for Country Music began. Two major influences that he still credits to this day, are none other than Kenny Chesney and Eric Church. Moving onto his junior year, playing music became a passion for Tommy. He went from playing in a talent show to starting a band called Bonfire and playing shows across town. Tommy even played at his high school's prom and other school functions and jammed out. He talked about how amazing those moments were and helped to create memories for a lifetime. Getting to play those shows are what Tommy claimed as a pivotal part of why he's now in Nashville. Coming with experience and confidence, Tommy started playing shows out consistently, writing songs and building a solid foundation early on in his music career. Soon after, Tommy took a trip to Nashville to record an EP which he says "I was a complete rookie, and the songs weren't that good, but the experience was mind blowing and taught me a lot". Now living in Nashville, Tommy has gained experience, continues writing and is at the point now, where he is eager to release some songs he has in the bank.

God Damnit, get me some whiskey, 2020 isn't even over yet

Mr. O'Keeffe not only is bringing the party to you with his new single "Whiskey on a Weekday", but also has a voice that will have the ladies come running. His deep voice mixed with a smooth delivery and throw in some swag, Tommy O'Keeffe is on the road to major success in Music City. This country boy will take over every bar on Broadway with his authentic boot stompin' honky tonk sound. "Whiskey on a Weekday" is a reminder that the familiar 90's sound is still alive and well. Tommy O'Keeffe for president 2020: I only put out heaters. Now that's a guy I can get behind.

Inspiration Behind "Whiskey on a Weekday"

Written By: Cooper Alan, Tommy O'Keefe & Stefani Joyce, Producers: Tracking- Smith Curry, Vocals/mix- Mark Lonsway

"I wrote this with Stefani Joyce and Cooper Alan and they are both doing really well right now. I always enjoy writing with them - they are good friends of mine. They also wrote "Hangover Don't Hurt" which is the single I put out early this year. This song is your classic Nashville write. At this point, we all have some experience and were able to build this song with just a title. We got to make it the fun song that it is. And I know that's usually how it works, but it came together perfectly. I think we finished the song in like an hour and a half or two hours. What I love about this one is it's just a fun, laid back song. Not overthinking it, just a drinking song and not about a deep personal experience. 2020 has given this song some value. With everything we are going through, we all want to drink whiskey on a weekday."

Q & A With Tommy O'Keeffe

Q: At what age did music start to really influence your life and made you want to take it more seriously?

A: "I think music was always something fun in high school. I wanted to keep doing it and play bars and stuff. I played a show my sophomore year of college, because I still had a passion for it. I got to open for Keith Anderson, who was the first known artist I got to open for, and got a really good reaction. People thought I was touring with him and that's when I told myself I had to start trying harder at this. Once I started learning about Nashville, it made me really want to commit to music on a big level. And when I finally got to Nashville to record some songs, I wasn't even 21 yet and couldn't go to Broadway or anything like that. Just going into the studio and seeing everything that went into each song, made me want to go all in."

Q: What was it like growing up in Nebraska and what is an iconic memory for you?

A: "Yeah man, I would say music wise, my family loved music, just not country. It's definitely growing on them. They love Midland and George Strait now. I would say, as a general thing, we always went to shows. I can remember some big country concerts at the Adams County Fair (ACF). It was a 4 night event and the place to be if you want a good time - especially being from a small town. It's cool because you know everyone and people come from all the smaller towns on the outskirts to pack into this one place. We would start at someone’s house, get all pumped up partying in the cornfields, pack into a truck and then go to the show. Adams County Fair man, that was it."

Q: How has living in Nashville given you a new perspective on life?

A: "Yeah, it's definitely taught me a combination of playing music, listening to guys like Chesney and Eric Church and seeing how they live their life. And that has shown me how to do something I love and enjoy doing it. I work day jobs. It's easy to just sit back and cruise through life, but I have jobs, I like to work and have worked since I've moved to Nashville. I just couldn't do a 9 to 5 and have that same routine everyday. As Kip Moore once said "I don't want to sleepwalk to my grave". Each day I'm just trying to play music and write. I definitely think music is worth committing to until I can't anymore. When I first got to Nashville, I had a job where I had to wear a shirt and tie everyday, same schedule for the first 8 months and it was fine. That job was a great learning experience, but I have learned to pursue my dream for as long as I can. I know someday I'm going to have kids and have other commitments, so I'm enjoying this as much as I can right now. I can't do this forever, so I'm living it up for the time being."

Q: What's the perfect day to you?

A: "Oh wow. I would wake up and have an awesome cup of coffee on the beach, then go surfing in the morning for a couple of hours. By midday I’d be on a boat deep sea fishing... deep sea fishing is literally the most fun thing ever. After we’ve caught some fish I would stop by a couple beach bars and start drinking. Next I would sit on the boat during golden hour - there’s nothing better. Once it gets dark, I would go down the street to a stage that’s already set up, do no sound check and play to a big crowd for an hour and a half show. After that, peace it and go to bed."

Head over to Apple Music and Spotify and check out Tommy's other jam he released earlier this year called "Hangover Don't Hurt".



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