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Jaden Hamilton Establishing Himself As A Rising Star With Single "Bad Spot"

Since I started UPstar. Music, I'm around Country Music 24/7. It still amazes me how much talent there is in Country Music. From independent artists playing on Broadway, to an artist posting some cover videos and getting millions of views from around the world, there is Country Music everywhere. Jaden Hamilton is on the fast track to stardom and recently signed a deal with Sony Music Nashville. With 8 songs released, Jaden has shown great consistency and has released HEAT, that if played too loud may set your radio on fire. I'm certain Jaden Hamilton will be coming to a city near you on a big summer tour in the next few years.

Get To Know Jaden

"So I grew up in Prairieville, Louisiana and when I was younger I was big into sports. I played baseball from the time that I could walk. Around middle school going into high school, I got sick of baseball and started playing and focusing on football. Playing a sport in college was partially a childhood dream of mine. While sports were important, when I was 5 years old I told my mom that when I grew up I wanted to be a Country Music singer. Growing up a big part of my life was watching LSU and the (New Orleans) Saints. I think I was about 8 years old and my mom put me in piano lessons. I did that for a few years and I enjoyed it, but always wanted to play guitar. I didn't get a guitar until probably 8th grade and started teaching myself how to play. I always sang in church, not in the choir, but in the pews and really enjoyed it. Growing up I would write these little boy love songs but would never finish them. I’d write one, it would go nowhere and I would forget about it. In the back of a notebook of mine, there was a collection of the songs I wrote along with a bunch of drawings. I had a love for Country Music my whole life. Throughout my parents divorce music became an escape for me. I shared a room with my little brother and we would always listen to the radio at night. There was a radio on our nightstand and we listened to a lot of Eric Church. We really loved "Springsteen". Then I went to high school and played football. I played quarterback and receiver and never really told anyone that I sang. People just knew me as a football guy. I sang a lot behind closed doors and I think it was the summer going into senior year that I started recording myself. I would send the recordings to my buddies and they would be like "you got to post that". The first song I posted online was "She Got the Best of Me" by Luke Combs. I got a decent reaction from family and friends. Wasn't anything great, but I just kept posting. By the end of senior year my buddies talked me into doing the talent show. People had come to know me as a singer. That was really the moment I knew I wanted to be a Country Music singer. All my family wanted me to go to LSU and I got accepted, so I went and gave it a shot. That lasted all of three weeks. I dropped out and moved to Nashville. I drove my '93 Chevy, barely made it, but that’s where I am today."

A Name You Will Be Hearing For A Long Time

Right when I thought Jaden Hamilton was done releasing hits for a while, he comes back swinging and drops another top shelf jam "Bad Spot". Since releasing the new single on February 19th, I have already played it 40 times and could care less if my neighbors want to throw my speaker out the window. I think most of us have been in a relationship where we wanted a second chance and would do just about anything to get that person back. Jaden brings this genius masterpiece to life. Written by Casey Beathard, this song deserved a special home and got exactly that. In each breath, each line, you can hear the regret and sadness in Jaden's voice. You sense him preaching how he's grown up and figured his shit out. We've all been there and Jaden Hamilton puts words to a feeling that sometimes can be hard to articulate. And don't even get me started on the songwriting... using bad cell service as a metaphor to a "Bad Spot" in a relationship, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? And if you didn't pick that up, go back and listen. Your mouth will drop open with a look of amazement for like 10 minutes. GENIUS.

How "Bad Spot" Was Brought To Life

Written By: Casey Beathard, Produced By: Matt McVaney

"Yeah, so the label sent me "Bad Spot". The first time when I listened to it, I didn't know if it was a work tape or a stripped down demo. I listened to it and knew it was a really good song, I just didn't relate to it yet. Honestly, the first time I listened to it I didn't know what the hell it meant. The call drop line confused me, so I kept listening to it. Probably listened to it 100 times that first day. I really started to connect the song to me. I think everyone has lost someone in a relationship, everyone has been in a bad spot or has asked for a second chance, so it's really relatable in that aspect. I loved it more and more and wanted it. By this time I knew what the words meant, it's a really witty way to play on a lost call or bad cellular service. It's genius. Then there is the fact that Casey (Beathard) wrote it by himself. He's written so many big songs. A lot of George Strait, "Like A Wrecking Ball" by Eric Church. It was a big honor to cut this song, because he's a legend and wrote it by himself."

Q & A With Jaden Hamilton

Q: How has Tik Tok been a stepping stone in your music career?

A: "I mean Tik Tok is what really started it all for me. My first video was in summer 2019 and it’s what got me discovered. I'm grateful for Tik Tok, but at the same time I don't want to be a "guy who Tik Toks". I want to be an artist. That is what I set out to do and that's what I am. I just don't always want Tik Tok to be associated with me in that way. I work hard and I want music to be my career. Tik Tok definitely still helps and has been a good asset for me."

Q: 2020 has been a tough year in the music industry. What are some of the good and bad takeaways from the pandemic?

A: "I wrote a lot more songs in 2020 than I would have if everything didn't happen. I was writing for the most part. Zoom was a big part of being able to continue to write. I didn't start writing in person again until a few months ago. So, writing was definitely a big positive and just being able to get better at it each day. The bad part, I didn't get to play shows or tour. I was fortunate enough to play a few shows in October with Granger Smith, Casey Donahew and Riley Green. It was in Texas and Oklahoma and was a lot of fun. That's really been it, I've just been writing, Put a gym in my garage and have been hanging out with people."

Q: Even though it's early on in your career, what has been a memorable moment so far?

A: "I think so far, there isn't just one. If I had to pick, it was my first session - which was a few weeks ago. For those who don't know, a session is basically all these insanely talented musicians who come to the studio and record the track live. I haven't done any before because of COVID. Adam Craig invited me because we had just written a song. These dudes are gods on guitar, steel drums, everything. You walk in and just listen. It sounds like it does on the record, but it's right in front of you. It all sounds amazing and the energy in the room is insane!"

Q: What is your go-to food spot in Nashville and what do you order?

A: "I really like a nice steak. I like Bourbon Steak, but it's not like a go-to because it's pretty pricey. Dude, honestly my go to is always pizza. It's just easy and if you and your friends don't know what to eat, pizza is always a good option. I really love Papa John's."

If you are just discovering Jaden Hamilton follow him on Apple Music, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Twitter



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