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Jamie's Jam-Sandwiches Vol. 1

Does anyone actually give a shit what I'm listening to? Probably not. But I'm going to pretend like some of y'all care. Every few weeks I'm going to do an article with my 25 favorite "jam-sandwiches" I'm rocking with right now. Some old, some new, some are songs by big time artists some from independent artists making a name from themselves. Love my taste or hate it, guess what... I could care less. Check it out y'all!

#1- Drinkin' Alone: Noah Hicks *JAM SANDWICH OF THE WEEK*

Not going to lie... a little late to the party with this one. But GOD DAMN if you want a song to come up and stab you in the heart filled with passion and stellar songwriting this is it. There ain't many songs that really get me jamming out in my car and going hard like I'm in my own music video a day after a bad break up, but I ain't ashamed to say this is one of those songs. I go in with this one.

#2- Giving You Up: Kameron Marlowe

Ladies and gentlemen, I love my sad songs so just get used to it. Nothing like drowning in some open wounds. Hey, like Brinley Addington told me during an interview "I think we really dive deep into sad songs 'cause it makes us feel something". Well if that ain't the damn truth. Kameron Marlowe has jumped onto the scene with his breakout song "Giving You Up" that has been a massive hit, "Take You Up On It" and his most recent jam "Burn 'Em All"... I ain't no expert, but this man is going to be a massive star who has the sound for radio, but doesn't push into the waters of Pop Country. Know the name.

#3- Five Beers: Chris Colston

OH, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? (Wow.. took me to the third song to say that) Not only is this a perfect summer song and drinking song, but the songwriting... out of this world. As I was drunkenly telling my friends today, "hey guys, cmon the songwriting on the song... you get it? Not five years, but five beers". At the same time, they gave me that look like "you're an idiot". And they aren't wrong. All in all, just a fun jam from a rising artist who should be on your radar.

#4- Turn Back Time: Muscadine Bloodline

The boys from MB have done it again. Their new EP is flawless top to bottom and like always, the songwriting is elite. Anytime you have Ray Fulcher and Jordan Fletcher writing a song with you it's an instant heater. What Muscadine continues to do in Country Music independently is truly inspirational and continues to show that they can have success in the industry without a label. Keep crushing it y'all. One of the hottest things in Country Music right now.

#5- Colder Than You: Canaan Smith

This song fires me up. A fun twist on a break up with some witty lyrics. "Nah, you never liked my mom or my dog or my friends and the worst is... when you told me to turn down the Merle". OH HELL NO, not the Merle! A big middle finger to the ex - we all got one.

#6- Right Where I Be: Drew Green

A VIBE! I'll give anyone who doesn't give a head bob or a little sway $20. Catchy and the perfect summer jam for you and your significant other just chillin' on a beautiful night. Or like me just a crazy night with the boys (sorry mom, I know you're proofreading this). Go blast this down a dirt road and blow out your speakers.

#7- 2016: Sam Hunt

Love him or hate his sound, you have to acknowledge his songwriting. Big time Sam Hunt fan. Yes his new album is quite funky and not traditional to a lot of your liking, but this song is phenomenal. A song about wanting to go back and patch up his girl’s broken heart with the angle of rewinding and fixing his mistakes. "And I'd drive a thousand miles to your house, walk in like I walked out, put the tears back in your eyes". Well done Sam.

#8- Bluebonnets: Carlton Anderson

C'mon with the fiddle! Carlton Anderson caught my eye back in early 2018 with his upbeat song "Drop Everything". Since, his following has grown tremendously and is putting that good ole traditional sound back into the genre. His music really makes me feel like I'm sitting out on my back porch on a majestic day looking out at some cornfields blowing in the wind. You didn't think I had a word like "majestic" in my vocabulary did ya.

#9- Heartless (Acoustic): Ryan Hurd

For Country Music listeners who aren't die hard fans, you may not know that for the most part every Country song is co-written with a few people and sometimes the artist singing doesn't write it. Ryan Hurd is one of the best songwriters in the game, as he has cuts with Lady A, Maren Morris, Dierks Bentley, Kane Brown and in this case Morgan Wallen's "Heartless" on Diplo's recent project. Ryan Hurd just released his EP "EOM" featuring his own version of a few songs he wrote but others cut. He takes Wallen's pop, upbeat hit and slows it down with a beautiful acoustic version.

#10- Work Hard Pray Harder: Tyler Chambers

I'm telling you right now this man is going to be an absolute force in Country Music. This past November when Tyler released "In a Perfect World", in my gut I just knew right away that he was going to be something, with his authentic voice and clever songwriting. "Work Hard Pray Harder" was the song we didn't want right now, but we needed right now. With 2020 being a shit show, artists are releasing meaningful songs for the times we are living in. Some may seem forced, but this jam is just honest and makes you really appreciate everyday we got.

#11- Long Night Letting Go: Jaden Hamilton

The 19 year old star is taking his voice from TikTok to delivering his own singles and is quickly becoming a name you need to know in Country Music. And yes, again with the sad shit... Jaden paints the perfect picture of a young relationship coming and going in the wind and leaving you wondering how to move on. These lyrics will hit ya in the heart, "How do you unkiss somebody, how do you forget that taste, how do you delete that smile and burn that file till there ain't no trace".

#12- Chasin' You: Morgan Wallen

One of my favorite songs of all-time... ages like fine wine. Morgan Wallen is one of the biggest names in the game and it's for pumping out bangers like this. I knew this heater would go #1 after he dropped the lines "singin' 'bout a girl I used to know, used to know, but you should know that I haven't given up I'm just on your radio". Like GOD DAMN, out here dropping bars.

#13- We're Not in Kansas Anymore: Hunter Girl

If this ain't some of the most clever and witty songwriting I ever seen then I don't know what is. Holy shit!! Hunter Girl hits ya with some story telling of The Wizard of Oz mixed with a night on the town. Impressive work that is a must listen. This young talent is just starting to pave her way down the yellow brick road straight to the light in Music City... see what I did there.

#14- Me On: Jordan Fletcher

The newest single from one of the most exciting up and coming singer-songwriters in Country Music and HOLY SHIT IS THIS A BANGER. With a sexy smooth vibe, throw this bad boy on the speaker and you'll have babies popping out in no time. Jordan Fletcher is about to be BIG BIG so make sure you know the name.

#15- Somewhere Else: Carly Rogers

Who is the biggest bad ass in all of Country Music? The correct answer is Carly Rogers. Who could probably whoop your ass? Yes, it's Carly Rogers. Filled with spice and sass, this rising artist not only has a voice that will make you stop what you're doing, but can write a damn Country song. "Somewhere Else" grips you with its real and honest lyrics. Carly Rogers is just getting started and has endless potential.

#16- Might Be: Hayden Coffman

Hayden Coffman is an artist you hear and instantly know is going to be on stage with the whole crowd singing back his lyrics in a big stadium. A special talent to say the least and he's pumping out songs so fast I'm gonna need an Advil. His song "Tennessee"… banger. "Lights Off"... banger. "Last First Date"... banger. Hayden has had a hell of a start and he's just getting started. Is Hayden Coffman going to be a household name? He might be.

#17- More than My Hometown: Morgan Wallen

When Morgan Wallen wakes up, he pisses excellence. Oh baby is this a gem. Anytime a song can make someone like me - a guy from a town of over 100,000 people - feel like he's from a one stoplight town, it's a good one. On top of vocals from an absolute legend, the song is co-written with the rising GOATS.. I mean rising stars HARDY and Ernest, you know you're getting a jam-orama.

#18- One Day: Triston Marez

Inject this Country Music in my veins. I'm gonna throw this on the ole jukebox and dance my way into some girls heart. HAHAHAHA if only. But for those who want that old school traditional sound with a little sprinkle of steel and a dash of fiddle, this is right up your alley . Triston Marez is the real deal and this Texan is just getting the wheels turning.

#19- Can't Quit You: Jody Chappell

“Peanut Butter & Jelly”, “drunkin' nights & a Waffle House” and “Country Music & dirt roads” go together almost as good as Jody Chappell and releasing absolute hits. One of my favorite rising artists right now. From the day this song was released in April, I knew Jody was going to be successful and have a long career in Country Music. One of my favorite songs since it was released.

#20- Girls That Smoke: Jameson Rodgers

Late to the party on this one, but DAMN did this pull me in right away. Ever since Jameson Rodgers released "Some Girls" back in 2017, I had a gut feeling this man was going to be special and he has definitely lived up to that expectation. Gotta quit hanging with them girls that smoke... only gonna get ya into trouble.

#21- Match Made in Heaven: Ella Langley

After dropping her debut single "One of the Guys" and putting her name on everyone in Country Music's radar, she came back swinging with another heater. You hear the title and are like "oh, this is the perfect title for a love song" and then sikeeeee she hits ya with "yeah we were a match made in heaven... that went straight to hell". Ella Langley is a rising female artist who is just a song or two away from blowing up and being a household name.

#22- Runnin' with an Angel: Riley Green

Different 'Round Here is one of my favorite albums top to bottom and it's impossible to pick out a clear cut favorite on the album. Not only is "Runnin' with an Angel" one of my go to's on this record, but it's so underrated and more people need to hear this. I knew Riley Green was a bad ass when I saw him play at CMA Fest last year and he goes "this one here is called Georgia Time. It's about this girl who was cheating on me with a guy back home in Georgia" and then chuckled... LEGEND.

#23- City Girl: Landon Magee

C'mon with it! This man’s bringing the HEAT. I dare you to blast this while driving down a two-lane under the moon and stars... IT SLAPS.

#24- Whiskey Dial: Hunter Chastain

This young bull has got that IT FACTOR! Hunter Chastain has a nice ring to it and with a new catchy jam like "Whiskey Dial" catching fire, it's a matter of time before this man is playing sold out shows across the country.

#25- Rolling Stone: Lainey Wilson

The minute I heard "Dirty Looks" I was driving and almost had to pull over and take a minute because that was one of the most majestic voices I've ever heard. Little Southern twang mixed with some top shelf lyrics. Lainey Wilson is quickly growing her following and is becoming one of the most entertaining artists in the industry.

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