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Logan Crosby's "23 Days In L.A." EP Is A Well Crafted Masterpiece From Start To Finish

Logan Crosby has quickly become one of the most exhilarating rising stars in Country Music. His exuberant personality and witty punchlines have music listeners getting hooked on what he's cooking up. Crosby, in a short time, has showcased his authenticity and impressive skill set of writing, singing and performing at a high level. These are major reasons he was one of UPstar. Music's "Artists To Watch" in 2024. This young buck has already gotten valuable experiences on the road and is surrounded by some of the best in the industry. I sat down with Logan Crosby and talked to him about his debut EP "23 Days In L.A.'', how appearing on Claim To Fame changed his career path and how his journey skyrocketed in 2023. Take a look into the life and music of Logan Crosby and how the Georgia native navigates through his career in music city.

Our interview was from this past September, but in the months in between Crosby has stayed busy. He released "Land" in November '23, "Girl Next Door" in February '24 and "2019" in May '24. Logan stayed busy on the road as well, a part of Megan Moroney's The Lucky Tour (Round 2) from September to December and accompanying Kameron Marlowe on his I Can Lie Tour from January to March.

His future ain't too shabby either. Logan announced his appearance on Megan Moroney's "The Lucky 2.0 Tour" spanning from April to the end of July. Also, he performed on the Hard Rock Stage during CMA Fest June 6th-9th. And with some of his most exciting news yet, Crosby will be headlining his own tour throughout the Southeast starting September 5th with his debut album "2019" will be dropping September 27th. The lead single from the album and the title track "2019" appeared on Sirius XM The Highway and was released in the beginning of May. When talking about the anticipation for his new album, Logan was over the moon to be able to put out a collection of songs that represent who he is and his experiences he's lived, "I just really wanted to make a record to be honest with you". He also added his interest in albums, "I love being able to sit back and listen to a record all the way through, throw it on vinyl. My record player has bluetooth so I can feel boujee. It's exciting to put out my own project of a collection of songs I believe in". Logan Crosby's stock is rising and he's built his brand on authenticity and staying consistent releasing quality music and playing shows across the country.

Get To Know Logan

"I'm from Milledgeville, Georgia which is right in the middle of Georgia. Growing up, I always sang in church and what not, that's what my grandma's made me do. But also, I grew up a little different because (Jason) Aldean is my second cousin. He really started taking off in '04-'05 when "Why" went number 1 and everything started happening for him with that first record. Besides singing in church, I became a big Country Music fan. Also, Milledgeville is about 30 minutes from Macon... The Allman Brothers, Otis Redding, Little Richard all came out of Macon so growing up, there was always music everywhere.

As I got older I started playing in church bands and garage bands which was great. There's a bar in Milledgeville called Ned Kelly's which used to be called Capital City... everyone has played there. Luke Bryan's played there, Thomas Archer who's written for Luke Combs and others, Bailey Zimmerman played it on his tour last year. It's the venue that everyone plays when they come through. As I started getting older, I would go to shows there and sneak in. When I started to experience those shows I realized "this is what I want to do". I went to college in Atlanta for a year and didn't do music. When I moved home during COVID, I started to play the guitar again, singing and writing Country Music.

When I went to school at The University of Georgia, I was playing frat parties, sorority parties, bars and clubs, a variety of shows, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Athens. I have a little different story than some. After that, I was on a TV show. When the TV show popped up I was on it and that catapulted everything for me and allowed me to move to Nashville."

Who's Logan Crosby? This EP is Logan Crosby... A must listen.

With a rising artist, identity and consistency can often be hard to grasp and create. But Logan Crosby nailed down both like he's been in the industry for over a decade. This 5-song EP captures Logan's lasting potential and longevity in an industry that's always shifting and leaving talent in the dust. Logan Crosby is gonna be around for a long time. With songs like "Run Away With You" and "23 Days In L.A." you get that shot of nostalgia and the emotional experiences whether they just happened to you or are flashbacks from 20 years ago. Logan does an incredible job displaying his raw emotion through well written lyrics and uniquely crisp vocals. He is pumping out songs listeners resonate with. These 5 tracks intertwine beautifully and provide a concert-like listening experience straight from your speakers, a must listen from top to bottom.

Inspiration Behind "23 Days In L.A." - EP

Produced: Jonathan Singleton & Ben Simonetti 

"The EP was inspired by my story. It tells of a bigger experience that everyone has been through... you fall in love with somebody and have this cool honeymoon phase and then shit just hits the fan. And then all the sudden you aren't together anymore. My story happened to take place in California over the span of 3 weeks, which shows you how terrible I am at relationships. That was the inspiration for it. This happened in 2022 when Claim To Fame was being filmed and was about to come out. I was moving to Nashville and so many things were happening. I was trying to give myself to a relationship that was never going to work. That's what the project's about. For me, I got super in detail about this is where it happened, and this is what it looked like, felt like. But a lot of people have listened to it and said "this is the same shit that happened to me". It is simply in a different spot or a longer period of time.

Writing wise, at the top of 2023 I knew I wanted to put out THAT project. It was funny. "Run Away With You" is a song I started writing in college. I brought it to Billy Dawson and Chase McDaniel, who are two of my favorite writers in town and was like "this is what I've been through and my life completely changed in 2022... which was awesome but I started to write it about this girl, it ended up not working out, let's write it". Streaming wise, "Run Away With You" has been my best song.

It was cool to be able to come in the writers room and be like "guys, this is what I want to write about and this is how I want the project to come together". The writers loved it. In songwriting there's a lot of swinging and missing, but once we knew how we wanted to write the song it came together perfectly. I think we re-wrote "23 Days In L.A." 3 or 4 times. I sat down with Jonathan (Singleton) and Allison Veltz Cruz and after messing around with it we finally got it pinned down. When we finished it, I was like "that's it" and that was the history of writing that song.

It was super cool going out to California. I have a great creative team that I work with. We shot some cool content and got some great pictures. It was one of those things... from January to April, planning and writing everything, to May filming all the content and cutting the EP. The process and watching everything come to life was so cool. I had so much fun making a project like it."

Q & A With Logan Crosby

Q: What was that "light bulb" moment you knew you wanted to pursue music? What were your early days of songwriting like?

A: "I grew up around it, I grew up in it, I grew up doing it and I never thought I'd actually be doing it. I went to UGA to be a lawyer, that was my thing. That has helped me a lot and helped me do a lot of cool stuff. Honestly, it was probably last year. I had a cool thing lined up for after college. I knew everything I wanted to do. And it was like, you can do that or be on this cool TV show. I made the decision "I'm gonna go on TV, and I'm gonna write songs. I'm gonna move to Nashville, I'm gonna be on tour and I'm going to do all the stuff ". That was the moment for me. Thinking about it, all I'd ever done was do music, sing and play shows. That's what I grew up around. Jason's dad, my uncle who managed my first little bit doing music, it's all he's ever done. Our family has always been in music and entertainment, I just never thought that's what I would ACTUALLY do.

The songwriting stuff, to be honest with you, in 2021-2022 I was writing and just knew what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it. I've been very blessed. I have a great publisher (50 Egg Music), I have a great publishing deal and have a great team around me where we write really cool stuff. The coolest thing is I'm young. I'm 22 years old and haven't been doing this long. Jonathan Singleton has an insane amount of number 1's, some of the most iconic songs you'll hear in the last 20 years. Writing with him helps me figure out what I'm trying to say. They help me tell my story and get out what I need to say yet not tell me what to say."

Q: What was your experience like on Claim To Fame?

A: "Being on Claim To Fame was the coolest thing ever. There were a lot of things that were crazy. It was the first season of the show so we had no idea what was going to happen. I met some of the coolest people... I went to Chili's and got hammered with KeKe Palmer - who I love. I got to meet Brett Farve and be on the phone with Cindy Crawford and a lot of cool things have come out of it. Everyone I was on the show with are genuine people. We talk on a daily basis. When you go through something like that, you bond. We didn't know what network it was going to be on, was it going to be on a streaming service? No idea what the hell was gonna happen. I never thought it would turn into what it did. Season 2 just wrapped up and had great ratings, great viewership. The Jonas Brothers have done an awesome job with the show.

Social media growth was insane... I think I had like 8,000 followers the first day it came out and the day it wrapped up I had 55k followers. I gained a huge following and people started finding the music and the Tik Tok. It happened naturally. There wasn't a "how do we make this thing massive", it just happened. There's still people now who DM me that tell me they watched the show and loved it. It's cool that people are still watching it. I tell people all the time.. if someone reaches out asking you to do something in the entertainment business do it because you never know what could happen."

Q: 2023 has been an insane year for you, what have been some of the highlights?

A: " It started off with a bang - signing a publishing deal with 50 Egg Music. They're awesome. Putting out some singles has also been great. Of course going on the road in the spring with Megan (Moroney) was an amazing experience. One of the coolest things, then going out again later in the year. Opening up for Midland in California a week after I released my project - talking about that place in the world was surreal. The EP of course was a highlight and being the cover of "Fresh Finds" on Spotify was as well. I can't thank them enough. Also a big thanks to Apple Music and Amazon for supporting my music. A little while back I would go on Spotify and be like "it would really be cool to be on it or even be the face of the playlist". Now being there is surreal. We are not letting up anytime soon and are starting to work on a record."

Q: What has been a CRAZY moment you've experienced to this point?

A: "Okay, this story doesn't have to do with me, but it does. There's an artist named Dalton Davis. He's a great artist and lives in Nashville. He's the coolest guy I've ever met. He's my creative director. Anytime there's cover art for singles, EP's, a record, literally, anything he does. Dalton is a blast from the past in the sense he's got long hair, super cool sailor tattoos, handlebar mustache, coolest son of a bitch I've ever met. He came to our show in Chattanooga when me and Megan were wrapping up our shows on the Pistol Made of Roses Tour. We were at the merch booth. My saying is "Tell Your Momma I Love Her" so there's a lot of mom's that come to shows. There was this one mom that came up that was really drunk and walks right past me and goes straight to Dalton and says "you remind me of the 70's and the 70's were a good time". Pulled him in and kissed him on the neck then turned around and walked off. That was wild... there's been a lot of crazy things that have happened. I'm getting noticed at the most random places, like a Mapco parking lot in nowhere Tennessee and someone randomly was like "you're from TV". But someone kissing Dalton on the neck was THAT crazy moment."

If you are just discovering Logan Crosby follow him on Apple Music, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok



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