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Matt Ferranti Brings A Refreshing Sound To Country Music With Single "Drinking For Two"

Is anyone else ready to get blackout drunk at a concert and not have to wear a mask? Man, those were the days. Can't wait to tell my kids what these things called "concerts" used to be like. On a serious note, even though this country going through some tough times, when it’s time to have concerts and festivals again, I know there will be a great appreciation for what we have all missed so much, as well as thanking each and every artist that releases their powerful songs and lyrics to get us through each day.

Get To Know Matt

"Cool, alright... Well man, I'm originally from Bay City, Michigan and my dad is a minister there. I grew up going to church. My mom was the worship leader so she sang and played guitar. My dad would be preaching and I would be raising hell the whole time. I've been doing music lessons for a long time. I started piano lessons when I was 4 years old and knew at a young age I was geared for this specifically. This love for music also stemmed from me being really bad at a lot of other shit too. Music was one of the only things that really came to me and I have just been trying to captivate that ever since, I even switched high schools, changing to a school that had a better music program. Back home I was always the big fish in a small pond. It wasn't until I moved to Nashville that I finally realized how small of a fish I really am in a huge pond. Moving was necessary for me. It helped me see how far I had to go and that I had to continuously get better. Really just been grinding ever since trying to close that gap."

No Matter How Far You Run... That Feeling Always Comes With You

Matt Ferranti - who is on tour with Brett Young playing guitar and keys - is coming into the spotlight. He has launched his own solo career filled with a soothing vibe and magical vocals. Combining the sounds of Pop, Country & Worship music he grew up on, Ferranti has developed a powerful recipe and has released absolute smashes. Heartbreak? Yeah we all know her. Sometimes no matter if you're staying busy, seeing someone else or traveling around the country those feelings come with you. Matt paints the perfect picture of coping with loss by "drinking for two" and watching the world continue to spin when moving on doesn't seem like it's an option. A talented fellow who is in for a bright career.

Inspiration Behind "Drinking For Two"

Written By: Joey Diehl, Matt Ferranti & Sebastian Garcia,

Produced By: The Country Cartel

"So over quarantine, me and my co-writers and really good friends Sebastian Garcia and Joey Diehl got together. At first when we thought it (quarantine) would be over quickly, we just played Call of Duty and didn't really care. But when we realized quarantine was going to last a lot longer, it became obvious that we had to go back to work. The three of us knew we weren't going to be touring for a while. Joey and I are a part of Brett Young's camp. He is the production manager and runs front of house; the guy behind the keyboard running all of that stuff. So me, Joey and Sebastian, who is a Latino-Pop artist from New Jersey, the three of us have a production team called the "Country Cartel". We write multiple songs every week, when we can, just getting those reps in. Now, just from time in quarantine, we have written about 60 songs.As for “Drinking For Two”, me and Sebastian were going to this writers retreat up in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Joey forgot a cable or something - it was hilarious, he had to go all the way back to Nashville. So it’s just me and Sebastian and we’re drinking beers. It was one of those things where if... I'm married now to my beautiful wife, but we have this break up song about getting out of Nashville and it's healthy to get away sometimes, and then wrapping the idea up with drinking the thought of her away. Soon we were getting a little drunk, trying to write songs at 11 o'clock at night. All the sudden he just wants to talk about all that shit again and it clicks. You can get away, try to drink it away, but no matter where you are you can't outrun what you're feeling. We finished it up there and I loved it."

Q & A With Matt Ferranti

Q: What has been the coolest place you've been able to perform?

A: "Well, in the very beginning stages of Brett's career, we were very fortunate to open up for Luke Bryan & Brett Eldredge for a portion of their dates. I think Luke had a rotating opening slot and we got to open a sold out show for him at Madison Square Garden. I was able to get my parents in there, my sister,my wife. It was one of those "hey ma, I made it" kind of things, I'll always remember that. Madison Square Garden is like the mecca. I grew up playing NBA 2K all those years and sometimes I would switch to the Garden just because. That experience was surreal. To be able just to look up and see the ceiling and look at the whole building. We also got to play the Hollywood Bowl. That’s significant to me because the Grateful Dead played there the night before and John Mayer is in that group now. One of the guys with me told me that the same outlet I was plugging things into, John Mayer had used last night. I'm a huge John Mayer fan... so those two moments I always think about."

Q: If you could give advice to your younger self what would it be?

A: "Wow... I'd probably slap the shit out of my younger self, not really. I would just reiterate what I was saying before. I'd go back and not be the big fish in a small pond for so long. You know, you don't grow. I didn't move until I was 25 and I feel like I was a little late in that development. Now I'm 32, which is good, I can write about that grown man shit. I feel like I have a much better perspective and way more mature and I'm peaking at the right time. I definitely would have gone to Nashville earlier though."

Q: What has your musical journey been like so far?

A: "You know, a lot of the growing pains throughout this. I have always wanted to be an artist. I believe I have a gift when I'm on stage playing in front of a microphone, in front of people. So to be able to do that, I needed to utilize my abilities in different ways to get by. The best thing I could have done, I played guitar for Chris Bandi a long time ago. At that point I was just figuring out how to tour. Before that I was traveling with my Pop-Punk band, but had never really been to Nashville,ran the circuit and was a weekend warrior with other guys. I had to learn from the people I was with. I bet I was a big piece of work then. So Chris, thank you, love you buddy. There was one time I left my guitar at a venue hanging on the wall. When we got to the next venue the following day, I realized I had no guitar, because I’d left it a drunk idiot... on the damn wall. Learning how to be the best employee to somebody else is so important. I know that's why I'm still playing for Brett, because I value being the best employee I can be. This gives me a good perspective for when I get my own shot and have to be a boss. I'm ready.

There's been a lot of good stuff, being around BY as a mentor. I try to be a sponge and soak everything in. I've watched him fail, I've watched him succeed, watched him go through it all. I have a lot of good friends. I’ve even got to jump in some things with Chris Young. Being around guys who have been in it and listening to how they talk and what they are doing is amazing. This happens at the bar on a Tuesday, that's why Nashville is so cool."

Q: What's one moment that was life changing for you?

A: "Well... I'll tell you about one cool moment. I used to be a worship leader. My parents were ministers and I was the music guy, which came naturally.. I worked like this for years and years. I was finally done working at church, though I still have a good relationship with God. I just keep it to myself for the most part now. So...I was playing at the Opry with Brett. I guess one of the things I'm good at is playing behind people. Talking, a very “church” thing, like when the pastor is talking and I'm just up there playing the keys. So Brett is up talking and saying thank you and I'm in the background playing this worship vibe. Afterwards Ricky Skaggs came up behind me and said "son, you've played in the church... the spirit has touched you, you have a gift... hang on to that". That was such a cool moment! He is a bluegrass, gospel kind of guy. It was so cool for him to come up to me at the Opry of all places.

Another cool moment was...well more of a funny moment. I've been able to hang out with Dan Huff, a big-time producer, a few times. The first time I met him was in Vegas. I was there for the ACM's with Brett. I was staying in Brett's room and we were really hungover. In the morning we went to the hotel bar to recalibrate and I was green as day. Brett is hurting, but he's more of a pro then I am and he's huge. I'm sitting there, he gives me champagne, I take it knowing this wasn't going to be good. Then Dan Huff walks in, first time meeting him. I'm green and ready to throw up. The first thing he says to me is "you don't look so good, maybe you shouldn't have drank so much". Impressive. When I see him now I reference that and apologize for that being my first impression."

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