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Nash's "Best Side of Me" Making A Splash on Music Row Chart

OH ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The UPstar. Fam is making shit happen! Stephanie Nash's powerful single "Best Side of Me" is currently holding the 77th spot on the Music Row chart in the songs second week. The single which was released March 13th, 2020 has moved up three spots from last week when it debuted at 80th. An exciting moment for Stephanie as she shares the chart with some Country Music icons such as Tim McGraw, Lauren Alaina, and Rascal Flatts. I've been a big supporter of Stephanie for a while now and I can say honestly she has some of the best vocals from any rising artist coming out of Music City. Excited to see what's next for this future star. Keep following Stephanie on all streaming service and social media... Stephanie Nash will be a household name before you know it! She will be continuing this momentum with new music coming out October 2020.

Listen to "Best Side of Me" NOW

Meet The Writers:

Written By: Stephanie Nash, Jody Chappell, Logan Garner & Ethan Willis

Not only did this trio of young talent whip up a heater with "Best Side of Me", but are also making some waves in Nashville. Ethan Willis is putting his footprint all over Country Music with several cuts in the last two years including:

  • You Know You Know- Nick Alligood (2020)

  • Momma Didn't Raise No- Garrett Biggs (2020)

  • Tastes Like a Good Time- Jon Kraft (2020)

  • Minding Our Own- Jody Chappell (2020)

  • Saturday's Are for the Boys- Hunter Jordan (feat. Ethan Willis) (2019)

Not only is he crushing it with the pen, as he has future cuts lined up with Carly Rogers, Hunter Jordan and Garrett Biggs, but also released his debut single "Warmer Than Whiskey" in 2019 and has a bad ass project is in the works as we speak. I've recently given him the nickname Ethan "The Machine" Willis... like c'mon what a stud. Also, on the all-star cast is Jody Chappell who is one of my favorite rising artists in the game right now... the dude just puts out HEATERS. He can get it done with the pen and also has the voice that turns heads. Below are the jam-sandwiches that he has put out in the past few years:

  • A-Game (2016)

  • Get You Alone (2018)

  • Still Ain't Me (2018)

  • Damn (2019)

  • Can't Quit You (2020)

  • Minding Our Own (2020)

With more songs and cuts coming in the future, absolutely pumped to see Jody's resume a few years from now. Lastly, Logan Garner breaking onto the scene with not only this cut, but also co-writing on SixForty1's song "Plane Crazy"... A witty songwriter who pours his heart into each song, Logan is paving his path to be a name you need to know around Nashville.

Stephanie Nash perfects this song and makes this song come to life. She is helping make a name for herself as the single is climbing towards 200,000 streams on Spotify in just a few months. Keep spinning it y'all and call "Best Side of Me" into your local radio stations.

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