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Reid Haughton Showcases Top Notch Storytelling In Single "How It Starts"

Since the day I discovered Reid's single "Ain't Close to Anywhere" back in 2019, I knew he was destined for a long career in Country Music. This young man has that traditional sound everyone wants blasting through their speakers as they speed through the countryside with all the windows down on a nice day. Quoting myself, from one of my first articles I wrote back in the beginning of 2020, "Give him a few years, but he is going to follow in the Luke Combs-Morgan Wallen-Riley Green-Sean Stemaly rise to fame". Maybe I'm wrong, but I got a damn good feeling.

Get To Know Reid

"Yeah so, I'm from Haleyville, Alabama originally, which is up in Northern Alabama. I now go to Auburn University, which is what got me playing a lot more shows. Being able to hook up with the 65 South and Peachtree Entertainment guys, Bradley Jordan and Lane Flournoy, helped me get shows at Bourbon Street, places in Athens and T-Town, and other places too. That's what really got this whole music thing going for me. I put out my first single "Make You Mine" and after that I was foot on the gas - like "let's do this". All of it has happened so fast. You look back and don't really know how it happened or can’t explain it. I've been playing music since I was 7 or 8 years old. I’ve known it's what I wanted to do since I was a little kid, but never had the guts to say it to anyone's face. But here I am now."

Destined To Play Country Music

Reid Haughton has become one of my favorite rising artists in Country Music. He has all the tools to be on stage with artists like Luke Combs and Dierks Bentley in the coming years. This is a guy who is destined to play Country Music for a living and that is proof in each song he belts out...His deep passion surrounding the genre is going to catapult him to the top sooner rather than later. What's so impressive is Reid's consistency with the quality of work he is putting out. And he isn't even in Nashville full-time yet. With 5 songs out and blaring through speakers across the country, it's only a matter of time before every girl throughout the SEC is screaming each lyric back. Well, that might already be happening. "How It Starts" has an all around good vibe and takes you through all the important memories of life; from picking up your first guitar and sneaking into the bar to partying your way through college and falling into the lap of the girl of your dreams. Hey, everything starts somewhere right? A really good tune from one of Nashville's brightest rising stars.

Inspiration Behind "How It Starts"

Written By: Reid Haughton & Jordan Rowe, Produced By: John Morgan

" 'How It Starts' was a really cool one as far as how it was created because we started it like 6-8 months prior. I wrote this one with Jordan Rowe who's one of my good buddies. Jordan and I have the same manager, Zebb Luster, and I write a lot with him. We started this song and were writing all day in Nashville. I was staying with him. We started this song at 12 midnight and were talking about the idea and were like "dang, now we gotta write this''. So we started working on it and wrote the first one and a half or two verses. It was late and got to be 2 am. We had writes scheduled for early on in the morning, so we planned to shut it down for the night and come back to it the next day. Well Nashville being Nashville, and Jordan being very busy, we never got back around to it until May. I was headed to Nashville to do my internship with River House. We were writing together about a week before I got back to Nashville and went back to it. I think the route of this song was different because we gave it so much time/space in between. I'll say the chorus was mainly Jordan's idea, the scene of painting the bar I guess you could say. It was cool. It took about 8 months time to finish 'How It Starts', but we only worked on it for 2-3 hours the first day and like an hour the second day."

Q & A With Reid Haughton

Q: What was that "light bulb" moment for you when you knew you wanted to pursue music?

A: "'s hard to say one particular moment. But I remember playing some of my first couple of shows at Auburn at Bourbon Street where I play a lot. Hearing people sing back "Make You Mine", which is my first single, and thinking to myself like "wow...these people actually care", I had never really felt like that before. Growing up, my family was nice enough to listen to me scratch and bang around instruments. But it was cool to see college kids -who to put it bluntly, are pretty ruthless people, enjoy my music. If this audience doesn’t like what they hear, they will definitely tell you or just not come to listen. So it was cool to see they actually cared. It took me weeks, instead of one moment, for me to realize that. I got to play the Georgia Theatre once, way early. I was young and not good enough to be playing there. Credit to Bradley Jordan for getting me on that. I opened for the Tuten Brothers and they packed the place out. Playing that show was such a cool moment and would definitely be another light bulb moment for me."

Q: Favorite thing about Nashville?

A: "Oh, that's such an easy question. Being there that summer, I got a taste of it. Everyone is there for one reason. Everyone is there because music keeps them going. It's like when you're in your hometown. You love all the people there and it's all good, but there is nothing like being around thousands of people for whom music is the glue to their entire life. That was the most amazing thing to me. I can't wait to be around that when I move there."

Q: Who is one person that has significantly impacted your love for music?

A: "I would say the #1 person who has left an impact on me to pursue music was my neighbor Joel Sherrill. He is my childhood best friend’s dad. I was always over at his house watching him play. I remember, he was one of those guys who would come home from work and didn't care about eating or grabbing a beer. He would just pick up his guitar and play until he went to bed. I remember watching him and thinking it was super cool. He was kind enough to take time out of his day to show us how to play. Even when we were not the best behaved at 7 or 8 years old and had no attention span. He is definitely that one person I would say."

Q: What is your favorite show that you've performed so far?

A: "Like I was saying, that Georgia Theater show was super awesome. I would also say opening up for Riley Green at Phenix City Amphitheater was really cool. That was pretty close to Auburn. I think it's only like 45 minutes away. There were a lot of Auburn students there and they were all probably like "what the hell is Reid doing on stage"? I got to also open for Koe Wetzel in Tuscaloosa and that was as wild as you can imagine."

If you are just discovering Reid Haughton follow him on Apple Music, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Twitter



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