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Rising Phenom Hayden Coffman Drops Brand New Smash "Lights Off"

I think of myself as an ultimate "hype man" for rising artists in Country Music. And let me tell you one thing, I am 100% confident Hayden Coffman, without a doubt, will be one of the biggest names in Country Music. The man is only 22 years old, so let's give him a few years, but holy shit was this man born to sing in Music City! 

Get To Know Hayden

Hayden grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee and is now in his 2nd full year living in Nashville and pursuing music full-time. Out of high school, Hayden went to college to play baseball at Cumberland University which is located in Tennessee. Through baseball he was able to get into music, as he used to fool around with his buddies making videos and singing songs in the dorm. For a while, Hayden treated music as a hobby and ended up really liking it. He ended up dropping out of college his Sophomore year in order pursue music as a career. Hayden then goes on to talk about how when he was inschoolhe wasn't writing many songs.  Now not only is Hayden writing more often, but also learning more about the music industry and everything it entails.

Go Bump Hayden's New Single "Lights Off"... Absolute HEATER

Written By: Chandler Brown & Hayden Coffman, Producers: Eddie Gore & Grady Saxman, Mixing Engineer: Jeff Armstreet, Mastering Engineer: Dave McNair

Like I said... Hayden Coffman will be a household name in Country Music and already has a hell of a start, dropping singles that just keep getting better. "Lights Off" will have you swaying and dancing in the mirror before you realize you look like a complete dumbass. A masterpiece from start to finish, ladies, this song will have you blushing in no time as it's all about having a long night cuddled up in bed with your man. And to all the kids that hear this song, it is about getting a goodnight sleep, with the lights off, so you can be full of energy the next day... I promise. Been saying this from day 1, Hayden's voice has a  similar vibe to Jason Aldean.  It is a powerful voice mixed with a nice southern drawl. Absolute heater... 10/10 recommend, especially after a few drinks with a guy/lady friend

Q & A With Hayden Coffman

Q: Who is the person who influenced you most to pursue music full-time and chase your dream?

A: "I would definitely say my family first and foremost. I mean, they always tried to get me to do music.  My grandmother has a karaoke machine in her house and she used to host a lot of parties when I was a young kid. I would get up there and sing. Obviously, you always have your mom say how good you are! Then I got to middle school and I told myself I was never going to do music. Not just my parents, but family in all, very supportive. Hearing the Jason Aldeans’ and Luke Combs’ of the world and seeing how they are changing the genre is also a big influence."

Q: Favorite thing about Nashville?

A: "Probably, my favorite thing about Nashville is the city itself. I don't live downtown or anything, I live in West Nashville, but I love it (Nashville) compared to most cities because it has a different feel to it. And yeah, everyone comes here to do music, but in reality it's a small group of people. In some capacity, you know almost everyone and get to meet some really cool people. It's pretty neat."

Q: If you have one day to do whatever you want, what is it?

A: "I mean, it's hard for me to turn down waking up, throwing on my swim trunks, walking on the beach and drinking all day. That's paradise to me. Or a lake day in East Tennessee,'cause that's where I'm from. Either one of those. Also, there is nothing better than waking up, start drinking and going to a Tennessee Titans game.  On those Sundays in Nashville, it's crazy. Those are the best days for me." 

Q: One thing people don't know about you?

A: "I still really like Spongebob, I can watch that all day."

Make sure you head over to your favorite streaming service and check out some of Hayden's other songs like "Tennessee" and "Last First Date"... An artist you for sure want to keep in your back pocket, so when he blows can say you were one of the first to listen. 



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