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Sitting Down With Jody Chappell: Talkin' About the Rising Star and His New Single "Can't Quit You"

Sat down with Jody Chappell and let me tell you... this dude HAS TALENT. Jody is a rising artist you're going to want to keep on your radar... "Can't Quit You", his most recent single adds to his already electric collection.

Get to Know Jody

Born in Union City, Tennessee - which he credits as being one of the most fulfilling parts of his life, along with having all his family there. At a young age, Jody moved to Memphis, which was tough at first, but found himself adjusting well over time. Jody went back to Tennessee a lot, as he is an avid hunter and fisherman, which he says is his "bread and butter". He continued the next chapter of his life in Music City where he currently resides and has been living for a few years. Jody touched on how he was big into baseball until an injury prevented him from playing in high school and that's where he found his passion for music.

Check Out his New Single "Can't Quit You"

Written by: Jody Chappell & Alan Carl, Produced by: Matt Geroux

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? First words that popped into my head after hearing this for the first time: heater, jam-orama, jam-sandwich. Have had this song on replay since the day it came out. Between the catchy lyrics and stunning beat, you will be drawn in before you can say "oh shit". Jody hits you with the lines "whiskey don't last forever... and the cigarette it always burns out" and "you're the one thing I'm addicted to and I can't quit you", after hearing those words it's like music to your ears, 'cause everyone... guy or girl has had that one person they can't get enough of and it gets to the point of addiction where you just NEED that person to function. All in all, a song I will be playing for years to come. I honestly think that when Jody blows up, this song will be one people will go back and jam to.

Inspiration behind "Can't Quit You"

This is the oldest written song that Jody has released, he wasn't even living in Nashville at the time, almost 5 years ago. He went on to schedule a write with Alan Carl and went into the session with this idea in his head, "I was younger and didn't have the mindset of alcohol and cigarettes, but the song itself is on a very mature level. That day I was just thinking of comparing alcoholism and addiction to someone you love and how they are all very strong emotions". I then continued talking about this root idea of how someone can come into your life and after smoking for so long can give you that urge to instantly quit. And the best part about this song was when Jody said "it just stuck around, no matter where I would go out and play, people would always be like "play that whiskey and cigarettes song", and I like playing it". It's really cool how music has a way of getting itself heard whether the artist is ready to release it or not.

Q & A With Jody Chappell

Q: What was the "light bulb" moment that you knew you wanted to pursue music?

A: "My passion was baseball, I loved baseball, literally eat, sleep, breathed it. Then I got hurt. I had played drums but 2 years later, I wanted to get into writing songs like that is just something I want to do. So my buddy taught me how to play "Love Your Love the Most" by Eric Church on his guitar. I couldn't play the left handed guitar I had bought so I traded in that $300 guitar for a right-handed $80 guitar. About a year and a half or two years into playing, I wrote my first song. I was like 18 and it was fun. I sat down one night and just scrolled through Instagram to find something to write about and this girl had a dope instagram name and I sat down and wrote a song about it... it was about a couple sneaking off to a barn and gettin' caught... Just an awesome, great feeling. Writing songs is what I love. It's the only thing I can sit down and do all night."

Q: Who is one artist that inspires you that you'd wanna spend a day with?

A: "Jason Aldean. He is able to take music from anywhere or anyone and put his spin on it and sell it to anyone. He is my biggest influence in Country Music. Aldeen just has that voice where he can perfect anything."

Q: Favorite thing about Nashville?

A: "Night life for sure. There's new people around every weekend and I'm a people person. Everyone that knows me knows I love that atmosphere and that I thrive there. The nightlife is where I find a lot of my inspiration - whether it's a women I meet at night or an event that happens... anything. All of Nashville, not just Broadway, I just love the night life."

Q: What are your plans with releasing new music?

A: "I've got another single coming out here in about a month and a half. I just got the album artwork back today, it's called "Minding Our Own". I wrote it with Ethan Willis and Dave Hangley. I played Matt (Geroux) three songs and he was like 'that one. This song is the most Jody song u've showed me'. I'm excited for this one".

Make sure you head over to Apple Music and Spotify and stream "Can't Quit You" along with his other HEATERS "Damn", "A-Game", "Still Ain't Me" and "Get You Alone". You're all gonna know his name real soon...



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