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Skyelor Anderson Puts His Heart and Soul Into New EP "Bonfire"

Well folks, we’ve made it to 2021! Was it just me or did the last like 9 months feel like a decade? This past year we learned a lot about ourselves, how to make more with less and even though there's a lot of bad in the world, there is a whole lot of good. Let's not sit here and act like life is suddenly going to go back to normal, but I think it's safe to say there are definitely brighter days ahead. In 2020 we were blessed with a shit ton of good Country Music. Included is my boy Skyelor Anderson who put out a 5-song EP that hits you deep in your soul.

Get to Know Skyelor

"I am originally from Southaven, Mississippi, that was my spot. I never really was big into music growing up. Nobody in my family can really hold a note. It wasn't planned to pursue a career in music. I really wanted to be a principal or a preacher, I always loved to help people. I was in high school and never really knew I could sing, I was always the class clown. When I was a Freshman in high school - and don't know why I did it - I tried out for the school play. It was called the "Southaven Idol" and it was fun! I found out I could sing. The first song I sang was Billy Currington's "Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right". I took it and ran with it and ended up winning the whole damn thing. After that I went to a couple Country concerts. I think my first concert was Jason Aldean, Parmalee and Eric Church in my hometown. I will never forget Eric Church's performance. I remember turning to my buddy and telling him "that's it... that's what I want to do." That moment turned my whole world upside down; the way he was able to get the crowd's attention when he stepped on stage. Nobody looked away - I'm not even a female and I couldn't look away. After that I almost forgot about the Jason Aldean performance. Later I went on a TV show called "X-Factor", which was super cool and taught me a lot."

A smooth blend of Country and Soul and 5 songs that warm you up like a bonfire

GOD DAMN! Skyelor Anderson brings the heat with his new EP. Top to bottom, listeners are blessed with soothing, serenading vocals that will have you dancing in the kitchen with your significant other or even just by yourself. I really can't explain what it's like after hearing one of these jams. It's almost the same feeling you get after a spa day... have I ever stepped foot in a spa? No. Can I assume it's as refreshing and good for the soul as it is listening to Skyelor blow your mind with his incredible range and delivery? Yes. With so much talent in Music City and around the country, you often hear similar sounding vocals, songs and vibes as a whole. But Mr. Anderson just throws all that out the window and creates his own path and showcases a unique sound that will have you asking yourself "how the hell does he sound that good and why is he about to steal my girlfriend with that sound"? Excited to see what this man has coming next.

Inspiration Behind "Bonfire"

"So it took me about three and a half years to come out with any new music. Every time I would get the songs I wanted, it just wouldn't add up. It was a pain in my ass. I was getting so frustrated and was eager to release new music that I thought any music I put out was going to hit. I think COVID made me step back and realize... "no... who do you think you are"? It took a lot of songs coming in and out, songs I had that were written by Jonathan Singleton. But I think he ended up selling his catalog or something. I couldn't do those anymore so I went in and recorded three more songs and those didn't end up happening either. I ended up writing some songs with Josh Miller, Troy Verge and Lydia Vaughn. My buddy Colton Parker produced along with Will Bundy who co-produced. The songs all just work really well together. When I was talking with Josh, I told him how these other songs got cancelled, and yet other ones he didn't like. So I was like "Josh, let me get these two songs I think they would fit perfect". Big shout out to Colton Parker who also co-wrote some songs on this EP. He spent so many hours producing this. I'm just going in and singing - outside of my vocals I'm not really musically inclined like these guys, I stay in my lane. It came out great and I’m so thankful for everyone that helped make it come together."

Q & A With Skyelor Anderson

Q: What moment did you know you wanted to pursue Country Music?

A: "Oh man, it was right after I got off X-Factor. I made it to the top 8 out of like 250,000 people. That was something I didn't even want to do, but I ended up going far. After that I took like 6-8 months off to figure out if this is really what I want to do. I was the hometown star. I couldn't even go to Walmart, it was crazy. Kept asking myself if this is really what I wanted. Can't walk around, can't do anything. I was 16 at the time, and my buddy, his dad and I were getting ready to go to a party. It was at "Exlines Pizza" and the place was doing stuff for some kids and these ladies' sons were there performing. So, just to have some fun, I did that show and got that feeling again like "this is it”. Hearing people clap and being focused on just me and what I was singing was amazing. Music brings people together, black, white, whatever, it didn't matter. It was just me and them. After I got done playing like 12 songs they were just throwing me tips. I think I pulled in like $2,500 and realized I could pursue my dream and make money doing it. At that time I was working construction for 4-5 months and playing acoustic shows when I could. I was making more money doing acoustic shows than working construction."

Q: Who are some artists and/or songwriters that influence your music?

A: "Eric Church of course - he is definitely my number 1. But some of the new guys, like Jacob Lutz, are up and coming and his music is magical. Lutz is with 50 Egg. My buddy Tyler Holmes is gonna be doing some great things too. I had to beg him to move to Nashville and he is finally doing it. HARDY right now, golly! He is a crazy writer, it's just unreal. Then you’ve got Morgan Wallen and everything he's doing right now. I'm just learning more and more. I'm not the greatest writer. I know I can write, but these guys are coming up and you can't keep up with them. I love Luke Combs and when I'm out performing and people ask me to play his new music, I can't because that dude is releasing music all the time."

Q: What is your favorite show you've performed so far?

A: "There have been a couple. My top show was Jamey Johnson, I opened up for him when I was 16. It was the first big show I’d ever done and it was in my hometown of Southaven. I felt like I was on top of the world. I have been going to concerts for a while and before I would go up to the gate and sneak a peek just to see those big buses and see the artists who are performing. I still do that. Now, at 16, I got to open for Jamey Johnson. I frequently look back at that moment. He taught me so much, along with his steel player. I got on his tour bus and we talked for an hour. All the stories he had, I laughed so hard."

Q: What is one of your most embarrassing moments?

A: "I'll give you this one. I was doing a show down in Louisiana and my buddy Johnny Cochran was opening for me. I was completely intoxicated and it was crawfish season. The place treated us like kings and kept feeding us. Those that know me, know I love Jack Daniel's and I’d had like a gallon of that. We’d already bought like 2 handles and by the last song I was pretty shit faced and I ended up falling. I was playing Luke Bryan's and to get to the stage you got to climb on the bar and then a stool. It's weird, my first song I was singing and I ended up stepping down and missing the stool. I fell face first in front of a packed bar. My band would not let it go. I fell so hard my knee caught and I fell on the mic and it fell too. I got up and finished the rest of the 3 hours."

If you are just discovering Skyelor Anderson make sure you follow him on Apple Music, Spotify, Instagram and Facebook.



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