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Some Artists You NEED to Know

Heyo what's going on? It's Jimmy McGill here to tell y'all about some new artists who will blow your freaking mind! While we're all stuck alone in this thing they call 'Quarantine' it's important to keep the positive vibes going in our lives. And what better way to do it then with some good music to crank up and jam out too! This list includes some folks you mighta heard of and some you probably haven’t but should be rockin with!

Buckle your seat belts and strap the heck up! Get ready for these guys and girls to impress the hell out you both now during these dark times and far beyond!

  • Koe Wetzel

  • The current king in my opinion of the Texas music scene, brother Koe is a beast in his songwriting and on the damn stage. Take it from a guy who has seen a Koe show once or twice, it’s an experience unlike any other. The dude is a MACHINE of great tunes that blend the deep storytelling elements of Country with a 90’s grunge feel that will have you head banging or getting in your feels at any given moment. Check out his latest single ‘Kuntry & Wistern’, which he dropped just a few days ago because he was ‘bored’ while in Quarantine

  • Jaden Hamilton

  • Only 19 years old, Jaden has a bright future in the Country music world. Recently making the move from LA, the real one Louisiana, to music city USA, the kid has already landed a big time deal with Sony and is just getting started. He’s won over the Tik Tok generation with over 300k followers on the growing platform and has his debut EP out with more music on the way soon! This kid is bringing the heat and will definitely be a face and fixture in the years to come. Check out my favorite cut off the project ‘Thing About Me’

  • Noah Hicks

  • More than likely a name you haven’t heard of yet is Noah Hicks! Another young buck kicking it in Music City, Noah has some serious talent in his songwriting. He brings the party and puts out songs that will definitely get you in the rowdy mood. One of my personal favorites for y’all to check out. This kid can hang with the best of em and is a DANG GOOD TIME to be around if you’re out and about in Nashville. Check out this tune, my personal favorite Noah Hicks smash, ‘It Ain’t Me’

  • Sam Varga

  • Changing it up a bit in style with this one, y’all meet Mr. Sam Varga. A guy who lyrically and melodically is a lot deeper than many artists on the scene right now. Sam brings a 2000’s emo style to his country sound, kinda like a Ruston Kelly vibe if y’all know who that is (you should if you don’t!). His debut EP ‘Light Me Up’ is a phenomenal collection of tunes that bends and twists what you may call ‘country’. Give him a listen, preferably with a glass of bourbon in honor of his Kentucky upbringing. Highly recommend the single off the EP ‘Mayday’.

  • Carly Rogers

  • Ole Carly Rogers, one of my favorites on this list! An all out hustler, Carly is the definition of a hard working independent artist who does everything in her power to connect with her fans (which are die-hard). You might have seen her featured on a song with the king of Cheatam County TN, Ryan Upchurch. Aside from collabs with Upchurch, Carly has tons of material out there for you to stream and also incredible social media content on her instagram (@rogerscarly) for you to check out. Including a brand new one that just dropped called ‘Drunk Side of Drinkin’ Highly suggest you get on the Carly Rogers train now and check out what she’s got available for your listening pleasure!

  • Read Southall Band

  • A recent find for me, yes ole Jimmy is very late to this party. Read Southall is a fixture in the Texas scene. Hailing from Oklahoma, these boys can rock. Bringing a deep storytelling style with heavy rock anthems these guys are very much in their own realm of music. If you like to rock out but also get deep in the feels you should definitely check out their full line of work. I say start out at the top with their biggest hit to date, a hard hitting break up song called ‘Why’


  • Flipping the switch again to another heavy change in style and vibes, proud to introduce y’all to ERNEST! A monster writer, vocalist and performer this guy can do it all. From his attitude to his lyrics and above all his chill silky smooth good timing vibe, I crank ERNEST up every chance I get. Perfect tunes for a time like we’re in now, go crank up any song off his debut record ‘Locals Only’. Tough to pick one track off this one to share but let’s go with this one, cause who doesn’t love a little bit of ‘Sugar’!

  • Lainey Wilson

  • Lainey DAMN Wilson! An incredible talent and hang in Nashville, Lainey is very much a part of the 90’s style country revival that’s been brewing in music city. All her songs are great. From the lyrics to the melodies to the attitude. A proud Louisiana girl, Lainey is signed, sealed and delivered for the mainstream to jam to on a regular basis with tons of material for you to crank up and get your mind off this crazy world we live in. The present and the future are ridiculously bright for this one. Like most of these talented individuals it’s tough to pick just one song to share in this post, but the bossman said I only get one per artist (thanks Jamie :/) I’ll go with the high energy banger ‘LA’ off Lainey’s latest EP ‘Redneck Hollywood’!

  • Badland Sons

  • Last but certainly not least are the boys of Badland Sons! The crew consists of Brandon Ray, his brother Ryan Tant & Luke Buishas. These boys have all been in the game for a minute now but recently rebranded as this new project known as Badland Sons. I dig it, obviously they’re on the list, and I think y’all will too. These boys only have three songs out to date, but all are very jammable hits that you need to check out ASAP! Very excited to see what the future holds for these fine gentlemen as Badland Sons continues to grow. First on your list should be ‘Wild’ a song you’ll definitely be singing along to before you know it!

That’s all for now. Big thanks to UPstar for letting me do some blogs for y’all. Let’s do this again sometime, hopefully soon!


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