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Talking With PJ North About His New EP "You Wouldn't Get It"

My day started in traditional quarantine fashion as I rolled out of bed at 11am and stared at the window remembering what it was like to actually be able to go outside without having to put on a hazmat suit on. The second thing didn't happen, but sounded good right?

Got to sit down with my buddy PJ North over FaceTime today and talk to him about his steaming hot EP that just dropped... yes ladies and gentlemen, SPOILER ALERT- this EP is filled will absolute heaters.

Meet PJ North

PJ is a singer-songwriter currently in Nashville, Tennessee who is a native of Columbus, Ohio and moved to Music City in 2016 to pursue music full time. He describes his music as "If Jason Aldean hung out with 1975 & Fall Out Boy, with a little Sam Hunt in there too". He talked about growing up listening to Country Music and recalls his first concert being Brooks & Dunn and joked how he used to rock a cowboy hat, leather vest and jeans in the middle of the summer and honestly I do the same shit now. We then got talking about where his passion for music and performing came from, " I grew up being obsessed with performing, I danced at a studio for 10 years being the lead guy. As for music, I started with battle rap as weird as that is... just started free-styling and doing that. As I got older I wanted to write for other people and sing more". PJ credits his producers Michael and Frank for helping him find his niche in Country Music and his sound that blends Pop/Punk with influences across Country Music. PJ North is starting to catch eyes and ears around Nashville and I'm excited for what the future holds.

You Wouldn't Get It- EP (5 Absolute Heaters)

Produced by: Frank Legeay & Michael Mechling

BGVs: Eric Torres

Mastering: Sterling Sound

PJ talks about each song from the inspirations to who was involved in creating them. Top to bottom an EP that should get every listener excited.

You Wouldn't Get It

Written by: Davis Branch, Christopher Choto & PJ North

The first track is the title of the entire EP and he says it was inspired from how he grew up in not necessarily a small town, but not a big one either. Also, mentions his friends and what they did as kids and his passion for drag racing and how that venture brought him all over the country. Originally, he envisioned the song with a Rock vibe, but when he sent it over to the producers they created a masterpiece with a foundation of Rock intertwined with a funky, 1975ish vibe. Personally, my favorite song on the EP and it gives you the feeling of freedom and that summer vibe driving down the highway blasting your favorite tunes. A bad ass way to kick off this collection.

What's One More

Written by: Brandon Chase & PJ North

The oldest song he has ever released, written almost two years is inspired by how he never really dated, he focused mostly on racing and music, but the idea stemmed from the thought of what girls would say about him when he was single before meeting his wife. He continued by explaining the song as "a guy who knows that it's over, knows it's ending, but wants one last hoorah". A ballad that pulls you in from the jump and instantly has you inserting yourself into the song. You ever look at the girl or guy on your arm and know that things are crumbling faster than a big chocolate chip cookie... yeah that shit sucks and if your head is nodding agreeing with me, this song couldn't be more relatable.

Afraid of the Dark

Written by: Frank Legeay, PJ North and Ryan Robinette

Released at the end of February, this was the first glimpse of PJ's project. He first sent the song to some friends and had the song all mapped out and envisioned it as "a girl has left you and you are now completely in the dark... like you have no idea what is going on and you can go out at night o doing anything 'cause it reminds you of her". In addition, he wanted this to be as close to the Punk/Pop realm as possible and that's where this peanut butter and jam sandwich landed. PJ credits Ryan Robinette for helping shape his music and for what he's accomplished. An all-around smash from start to finish. And yes, I have danced to this song in my mirror multiple times and not ashamed cause it's a hit and your going to be doing the same shit, don't try to act cool.

Lites On

Written by Christopher Choto & PJ North

This song PJ said was very straight forward, he loves writing those crazy, everyone gettin' down at the farm kinda party anthem songs because he's always in a good mood. These ideas are inspired from artists like Aldean, McGraw, FGL and Tyler Farr. This song was released early in the EP process back in November and highlights it as a song to "just hangout, drink some beer and have a good time with". This should be one of the first songs you play when you get out of quarantine and head to a party... just thinking about this song right now makes me want to shotgun a beer.

Middle of a Heartbreak (feat. Frank Legeay) [Deep Club Mix]

Written by Frank Legeay, PJ North & Ryan Robinette

A song PJ released back in July gets a make over with a jammin' new sound, a classic friday night radio remix. He describes this song as "Thinking you are stuck on one girl and then you go out to the bar and you meet someone new and realize things are all good...about just living in the moment". Amen to that brother. Ladies, if you ever want to see me bust out my dance moves throw this song on the old jukebox and you would think I'm dancing in a musical.

Make sure you head over to streaming platforms and buy/download PJ North's new EP "You Wouldn't Get It"



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