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UPSTAR. MUSIC EXCLUSIVE: Listen To Randall Fowler's New Single "Slow It Down" Before Release

"Slow It Down"- Randall Fowler

Written By: Randall Fowler & James Chamberlain

OH COME ON WITH IT! We really get to hear a brand new single before it's released? YUP. Randall and UPstar. Music have teamed up to give you an exclusive listen to his brand new single "Slow It Down", which is set to be released on July 31st.

I've been saying this for a while now... Randall Fowler is a diamond in the rough who has endless potential. A household name in his stomping grounds of Charleston, South Carolina, Randall now has his mind set on becoming a household name around the country. After releasing his debut EP "The Recipe" in 2018. Randall went to the next level with his latest single "What's She Sippin' on" which was released this past March. Gaining momentum with "What's She Sippin' on", closing in on 50,000 streams on Spotify, he has his sights on making a splash with "Slow It Down" which is days away from release.

Mannnn... pool party, block party, birthday party, dance party, beach party, tea party, "Slow It Down" is the VIBE. This jam will have you swaying in the wind and twirling your lover around all night. With a loose, care-free feel mixed with catchy lyrics that explode on every verse... my man Randall is not only hooking y'all up with a little summer heater, but a song that should be on replay all 12-months of the year. If that guitar riff with those drums doesn't pull you in right away, we need to have a talk. From wild and free, to finding the one you want to settle down with, this song will have you blowing your car speakers out in no time.

Take A Listen... You Won't Be Disappointed

Behind the Song "Slow It Down" with Randall Fowler

Inspiration Behind the Song

"This song comes from a country heart speaking to an urban setting, moving at a fast pace kind of lifestyle. I'm in my 30s now, but this is coming from “the me” running around with my wife in my early 20s. I started thinking about how we would always go out on the downtown streets. Consistently, from Thursday to Saturday night, we were always moving, drinking it up, partying, not a care in the world and had little responsibility. It’s going from that lifestyle, to that one ride home where you are like "man, I think we need to dial it back. There's no doubt that I'm the one for you and you're the one for me, so let's slow this down and get serious about this relationship". One of the lines is: We can punch that gas, go NASCAR fast but if you really wanna make it count we can plant that seed and get both those feet on the ground, baby if we slow it down. I basically started writing off of that."

Story of the Song

"So, the story of this one is about putting the fast pace, young, lifestyle aside and focusing on going all in on a relationship with that person you care about. It's like we are going out listening to all this Rap and Pop music, upbeat songs that get us going and full of energy, to let me show you this Country song... let me put on this George Strait for you real fast, and let me sing you a song about the heartland. The song is about locking it in and planting the seed. "Slow It Down" has some cool lines in there. Since I talked about singing her a country song and pulling it back, when I go to the bridge of the song, I tie it together by using four of my favorite country songs - rather love songs - of all-time. These are "It's Your Love" by Faith Hill & Tim McGraw, "I Cross My Heart" by George Strait, "Forever and Ever, Amen" by Randy Travis and "When You Say Nothing At All" by Keith Whitley. I took those lyrics and brought them to life in the song: Well it's your love it does something to me, cross my heart and promise to be, forever and ever, say it best, when you say nothing at all. I really like that part of the song, I think it's a cool way to wrap things up. Another fun line in the song is: So I sang her a country song...Every word she knew, she sang along. So what I mean by this line is that she might not be from a country household so like if I were playing "Check Yes or No", she might not know most of the lyrics but when she hears "Do you love me", she might sing that along. And one last part of the song that pops out to me is the lyrics: In the passenger seat with both her feet, Propped up on the dash, shoes off. We can punch that gas, go NASCAR fast... but if you really wanna make it count we can plant that seed and get both those feet on the ground. So in these lines, the girl is having fun and living in the moment, but the end of this line when I say "we can plant that seed " it's the turning point, kind of saying hey let's slow down and start a family, you know what I mean?"

The Day of the Write: What Went Down

"It's funny, a lot of the songs I write just come to me, I started writing this with a catchy chord progression... I wrote this like a year and a half ago. This was the second song where I had already written the majority of the song. It was probably a month and a half before I got the whole song done, but little by little it came together. I don't do many writes where I'm sitting with people in a room, sit there a few hours and finish with a song. I have a buddy from Andrews, South Carolina who I’ve written most of my songs with. That's about an hour away from where I'm at so we do most of it on the phone. I'm a FedEx driver during the day, so all I do is sit there with my headphones on and just talk back and forth about song concepts. This song in particular, I pulled over to the side of the road one day when I had the hook So I sang her a country song, every word she knew, she sang along. And when I put pen to paper that day, the whole song just came out! That's just how it happened. From then on, if I were to come up with a song, I tried to record it on voice memo. There are almost 2,000 segments of songs in there right now...but the ones I put pen to paper are the ones that I finish. Yeah man, it's pretty crazy, most of my writes come in my FedEx truck. For "Slow It Down" I really wanted an Old Dominion vibe. They are my favorite band and they always have this swaggy, smooth sound. I knew with this one I needed that same energy, getting the head bobbing on this one."



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