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We Get To Know Aaron Clafton As He Brings The Heat With New Single "Burn Me"

Get To Know Aaron

Unapologetically authentic, Aaron combines his experiences growing up in Minnesota with his new life in the south. Through honest and relatable lyrics, Aaron creates music that resonates, no matter where you call home. Excited to see what his future holds in Music City.

Check Out Aaron's Brand New Single "Burn Me"

Aaron has that sound that draws you in right away with his soft and elegant voice mixed with lyrics that bring his music to life. With lines like "You let me smolder like a candle with no flame" and "Here we are again you're drinking tonic with your gin. Next thing you know we're in the car kissing." Lyrics like these make his songwriting so powerful as he is able to paint pictures with his pen. Candle and a toxic relationship go hand and hand, look peaceful, smell really good, but when they draw you in and you get to close it burns the shit out of you.

Q & A With Aaron

Q: If you could be one character from a book, show or movie who would it be and why?

A: "I would be Jeff Probst the host of Survivor (yes, it’s still on). I’m obsessed with Survivor and watching the social strategy, backstabbing and blindsides is so entertaining. Plus, spending 39 days in Fiji wouldn’t be terrible."

Q: Who is the biggest inspiration for chasing your music dreams?

A: "Eric Church is the guy that inspires me the most both creatively and on this music journey. His songwriting is top notch and he’s able to say things in a way that’s totally unique and different. His journey to where he is has also been grassroots and a slow build and I look up to that process."

Q: What’s a weird food combo that you enjoy that people give you looks for?

A: "I LOVE pineapple on pizza"

Q: What’s a story of your music career so far that you are

A: "Going to look back and tell people about 30 years from now? After I graduated from college, I took a trip to Nashville to have a meeting with someone in the industry and I got the chance to play a few songs for him. The songs weren’t very good, and he told me that I probably should hold off on moving to town until I perfected my craft. I didn’t listen to him and that was the best decisions I’ve made. My craft wasn’t perfect, and it took a while, but Nashville pushed me to try and write a better song than the day before. I feel like if I would’ve waited a year I would never have moved."

If you haven't already, go spin Aaron's two other singles, Matches and Spare Key. Both absolute HEATERS!



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