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Wise Words: Braden Jamison Breaks Down Lyrics To Single "Playin' George"

We are back with UPstar. Music's "Wise Words" feature, where an artist picks one of their songs and we get to hear the inspiration behind some lines as well as how the song came to be. Nothing is better than getting a song rolling with some fiddle and that honky tonk feel. A fun and light hearted song Braden wrote during the Covid lockdown. A time filled with alone time and missing reality, quarantine was tough for many of us and Braden wanted to release a song that made people smile and remember times out with friends and staying out late drinking and dancing. "Playin' George" pays homage to the "king" George Strait by including themes, titles and lines from his songs. It has been a hit to say the least with over 121,000 streams on Spotify. So go grab a young lady to dance with a little help from George blaring from the jukebox at your favorite honky tonk.

I'm playin' George I just want to dance with you

"This is both a reference to the song being played "I just want to dance with you" and

also a clear statement of intent. My intentions are clear - I just want to dance with you." - BJ

I cross my heart This love is true

"Another title reference, "I Cross My Heart”, is used to come on strong. It's clearly a

line, especially coupled with the idea of true love, though we just met." - BJ

I was here for a good time

"A confession of my original intentions, when I came into the bar, by throwing in

another title." - BJ

Then out of the blue clear sky You walked through that door

"This is what changed my mind and intentions. I used another title here, which is

distinct because of the placement of the adjectives blue and clear. The idea here is to

present a clear picture that I am playing all these great George Strait songs which

opened the door to getting closer to this interesting girl. My hope is that people will

enjoy the song, smile when they listen to it, and feel like dancing. If it gives some poor

guy a little hope and confidence when considering whether he should ask that girl to

dance - then that's a bonus." - BJ



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