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Wise Words: Brinley Addington Breaks Down Lyrics To Single "Something Light"

We are back with UPstar. Music's "Wise Words'' feature. Brinley Addington is one of Music City's hidden gems. Over the years, Brinley has became an "in demand" songwriter as he has penned songs for Darius Rucker, Chris Janson, Kameron Marlowe, Tyler Farr, Parmalee and of course writing the hit song "Chasing After You" by Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris. In addition to these prestigious cuts, Brinley has been writing for some of the best rising talent in Country Music including the next generation of stars like Peytan Porter, Brooke Lee, Erin Kinsey, Dipper amongst others. On top of writing for others, Brinley is one of the most underrated artists around. He has put out a handful of songs that are damn good and are as good as anything you are listening to right now.

I discovered Brinley as an artist before anything else and fell in love with his singles "Come Back", "Deciding Who To Be" and "Still Not Over You". A true songsmith. Everything he puts out makes you feel something. I would highly recommend taking a deep dive into Brinley's discography!

With his single "Something Light" Brinley braces for heartbreak, but is trying to relax and enjoy the "finer things" before having to deal with the pain that's inevitable. The production sets the mood with a soothing and relaxing vibe that blends perfectly with the "holding off the lonely" lyrics. It is brought together with Brinley's vocals that hit the spot and really captures the vibe of this track. A light beer and some Steve Miller Band make everything better...right? 

Check out my interview with Brinley about his single "Still Not Over You" (July 9th, 2020) CLICK HERE

There’s a time for Sunday sermons

And fine Kentucky bourbon

I know I’ll need em both before I’m through

Cuz there’s a hurting waiting on me

But I’m holding off the lonely

I’ll get around to getting over you

"Verse one is our subject's acknowledgement of the inevitable heartbreak he has coming. Knowing full well he's going to need a little help from Jesus and Jim Beam to shake the hurt but isn't quite ready to go there just yet." - Brinley

Gimme something light, nothing more

Just a beer out on the porch

Some old feel good song

Keep it playing all night long

Not too dark, not too heavy

Cause my heart it just ain’t ready

I just need some nice and easy here tonight

Something light

"The chorus is the guy asking for a light song and a light beer so he can procrastinate dealing with the heartbreak just a little longer. He just needs a little "nice and easy" to sit with for a little while before he dives in to the heavy stuff."

- Brinley

A little Miller from a can

Some old Steve Miller Band

I’ll feel the weight of this heartbreak

But baby until then

"The thing I love about Miller Lite and these Steve Miller Band is both go down smooth every time and make you feel better after one or two. I was so glad we were able to work this into the second verse and help drive home the point that this guy will eventually deal with his pain... just not tonight." - Brinley

If you are just discovering Brinley follow him on Apple Music, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Tik Tok



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