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Wise Words: Colton Venner Breaks Down Lyrics To Single "If It's a Good Thing"

We are back with our "Wise Words" series as Colton Venner breaks down the lyrics to his latest release "If It's a Good Thing". Colton brings such a unique and head turning sound to the genre and it's a breath of fresh air that pulls away from the more common Pop Country and the Traditional Country sounds. Colton is going against the grain with his own vibe and "If It's a Good Thing" is a great example of his genre bending talent. His sound his not only authentic, but helps separate him from the pack which will be beneficial down the road. Released on July 2nd, "If It's a Good Thing" has already surpassed 31,000 streams on Spotify and shows no signs of slowing down. Ain't bad for a solo write, Colton has a bright future in Country Music and is doing it his own way. If you dig this song make sure to go back and listen to Colton Venner's EP "Walk Through Fire" which was released at the end of 2020.

The denim jacket I'm wearing these days is the same one found on a yearbook page

"For the past 11 years I've had this same denim jacket. In high school it had a Dashboard Confessional back patch on it and a NOFX left chest patch - now it's bare but it's still the same fabric and pretty much in the same shape as it was then (with a few stains added on the collar). Man, I love this thing. I asked for it for Christmas my junior year of high school and when I got it I was so excited. There hasn't been one day since where I've ever thought to replace it either and I don't really see a day coming when it will." - CV

Just 'cause it's getting older don't mean it's getting old

"People will say things like "oh, that's old news" or "this thing is so old!" often as a criticism to things that seem to have less value. I just don't think that's always the case and I think that's why we have so many songs that talk about grandpa's trucks, houses we grew up in, or things we keep around that have sentimental value. Wine ages and we praise it, vintage t shirts cost $100, and original records are the dream for someone who flips stuff on

ebay." - CV

It was the last first kiss I'd ever have. Her eyes were double daring for me to fall in love, how could I ever turn back

"I love this memory from when my wife and I were dating. We were in this cul de sac in front of her house and I was dropping her off from a date we had gone on in Austin. I think it was one of those cornerstone moments that I found that sense of assurance that what we had was turning into the real deal and I love the simplicity of calling it what it was and jumping all in. " - CV



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