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Wise Words: Curtis Grimes Breaks Down Lyrics To Song "Ain't Worth The Heartache"

A little bit of Nashville, a little bit of Texas, UPstar. Music's mission is to showcase rising talent all across the country. And this gentleman is a must know. Curtis Grimes is one of those bright spots in reviving the traditional sound and is doing it damn well. Curtis may be new on some people's radar in Nashville but he has made an impact and carved his name into the Texas Country scene. Curtis Grimes' self-titled, 10 song album was released on July 30th and has already made waves. Off the new album, Curtis has released 5 singles. They have all reached #1 on the Texas Regional Radio Chart. Curtis Grimes shows off his pure talent, being a proud contributor to keeping traditional Country Music alive and well. Highly recommend listening to this album - top to bottom. Curtis breaks down some lyrics to his song "Ain't Worth the Heartache".

all of that emotion that was flowin through your pen turned every song to gold to win album of the year but he don't know the way I feel about her

“I wrote this song from the perspective of a singer/songwriter chasing a dream of making it big in the music industry and all of the sacrifices it often takes to do so. We typically get the best material out of a break-up or difficult season in our life. While fans enjoy the resulting music and industry folks love the money it makes them, it can take a heavy toll on the artist living it. Sometimes, we would rather have the thing we gave up or lost back than the music or money that comes from it and I can’t help but think this thought crossed the mind of Hank Williams more than once regarding Audrey.” – CG

when that needle drops it's like a dagger on my heart gets my mind goin' back to the time it tore apart if I knew where I was headed or what I'd leave behind I'd turn that truck around spin it right there on a dime

“Having to hear the words and the emotions involved as we listen to an album or project written out of hurt can cut through the scars as we relive those moments over and over. I was thinking about how if we knew now what we knew then we could nip the process in the bud and avoid continuing down a path of no return. At that point, the damage is usually done and there is no turning back. The whole idea is that if I could go back in time, I would have done it differently.” – CG

she's more precious than that platinum on the wall and that vinyl won't replace all it cost

“The bridge of the song is the pinnacle moment of realization and coming to terms with the magnitude of what has taken place. At the end of the day, the benefits don’t outweigh the cost in a situation like this and nothing gained is worth more than what was lost. Attaining a gold or platinum record and millions of dollars can’t buy back what it took to get it and you don’t usually see that until it’s too late.” – CG

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Heart felt song.

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