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Wise Words: Matt Freedman Breaks Down Lyrics To "Freefall"

We are back with UPstar. Music's "Wise Words" feature. "Freefall" was a solo write and was released on November 16th, 2021. Matt Freedman has burst onto the Country Music scene with four releases in 2021 and his latest single “You Remind Me” was released in February of 2022. Matt has a nice rasp which is intertwined with thoughtful lyrics that grab your attention. “Freefall” shares deep meaning and Matt shares his vulnerable side.

Freefall into me

"I’m a father of two (soon to be three) girls. One daughter suffers from anxiety, like her dad does. I sat down with her on my lap to write this song after a sleepless night and rough morning. If you’re a parent, you know how frustrating and helpless these situations can be. I wanted to write something to let her know that whenever she feels this way, however helpless the world can make her feel, she can always freefall into me to rid her of all the uncertainty." - MF

When the long black train the devil made starts to pick up steam, then it’s time to freefall into me

"This line of the song has gotten the most responses from listeners and fans of any that I’ve written. It describes the oncoming of darkness that you can sense when you know that anxiety is about to take over, and it can be triggered by anything. I want my girls to know that at any point in their lives, if they get that feeling, to either find me or play this song to know I’m always there for them." - MF

And I know that I ain’t perfect, but I’m never out of reach

"This line describes the power of music in general. It hurts to write the line, because I know I’m not always going to be around for my girls to physically hug me. Looking into the future, I need them to know that I may not always be perfect, but through my music and the memories that we make together, I will always be available to them." - MF

If the color of the mountains start to feel more grey than green

"When those suffering from anxiety of any sort get into a rut, it seems that the world loses its color. Food loses its taste, music loses its impact. I want my girls to know that if they are at a place where all of the color in life starts to fade and become more dull, they can find me and we’ll figure out a way to brighten things back up." - MF



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