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Wise Words: PJ North Breaks Down Lyrics To Single "Heartbreak In A Honda"

It's been a little bit, but we are back with UPstar. Music's "Wise Words" feature. The man has the swag and he's making Pop Punk Country cool. PJ North has released a consistent and solid stream of music and was actually UPstar. Music's first interview way back in March of 2020. His way of melting these different genres together to create a vibrant and authentic sound has helped to showcase his incredible talent to the rest of the music industry. PJ's latest release "Heartbreak In a Honda" was penned by PJ, Kyle Sturrock and Bobby McLamb and released on January 14th. Check out PJ's breakdown of his song "Heartbreak In a Honda" as a part of UPstar. Music’s "Wise Words" feature.

Heartbreak In A Honda

"This was one of the few times that I didn’t come prepared to a write with titles. One of my co-writers, Bobby McLamb, had a title and immediately I knew it was something I’d love. It really felt right in my Pop Punk Country Vein. Something that wasn’t expected." - PJ

There's a blue bronco broke down outside in the spot where you used to park it

"First off, the alliteration with Blue Bronco Broke down, as the top line of the song just solidified this as a must-cut for me. I love that it vibes right off the bat. It’s something completely different than you thought you’d hear, which undoubtedly makes it something I would say!" - PJ

Is that all White Civic, still running? 26.2 sticker, still on it

"This line is my favorite because of the double meaning. Is that car still running and then the sticker being a marathon runners sticker just felt like such a cool way to subtly call it out. Plus the melody I just love!" - PJ

“You’re a long night in a day dream”

"This line and melody really felt like home to me. It was such a cool way of saying that she was something I’d cherish and remember. But it was also so swift and just a brief moment. Co-writers Kyle Sturrock and Bobby really helped me hit it home. Really speaks to how some relationships can be, I think." - PJ

I swear I see you driving it by everyday I wonder if you got your windows tinted

"I think this is so subtly cool because you always double take when you see a car that looks like an ex's car. Now imagine she drives a super common car, you see them all the time but different variations, like tinted windows. I felt like this was such a cool take on that concept."

- PJ



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