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Wise Words: Stephen Carey Breaks Down Lyrics To Single "RIP"

We are back with UPstar. Music's "Wise Words'' feature. Stephen Carey has been cutting his teeth in Nashville writing hits for other artists such as "Rather Be Broke" by Jordan Fletcher, "Truth Is" by Lily Rose and others. He is also pursuing an artist career with over 50,000 monthly listeners and releasing relatable anthems like "Summer Cool" and "On The Water". Carey is a witty songwriter with melodies that get stuck in your head, incredible flow and crisp cool vocals that blend well with modern production and deep lyrics. The Jacksonville native packages his songs very well to capture a memorable listening experience. 

With his latest single "RIP" Carey takes a look in the mirror to change old habits and take a step into a positive direction to create a positive future with a little bit of swag and confidence. A catchy anthem for those making better choices and life decisions in 2024. "RIP" was a solo write by Stephen and released on January 12th, 2024.

I used to be scared to speak my truth

I used to like it when you told me what to do 

I used to not care, I used to be cool

With being in the wrong place with the wrong crew

"Verse one is about acknowledging the toxic nature of the relationship. For me it was a person, for others it could be a job, a city, unhealthy eating habits, alcohol etc. Anything holding you back or holding you down from reaching your goals or experiencing peace and happiness in your life." - Stephen 

Then I started thinkin 'bout how we only live once so I think

"The pre chorus is the 'ah-ha' moment where you decide to stop wasting time on someone or something that makes you feel lesser than." - Stephen

I’ma let the old me rest in peace, say goodbye to how things used to be Cause I know that the next chapter for me

I'll be movin' on to bigger better things

RIP to the old me, RIP to the way things used to be  

"The chorus is the statement that you’re leaving the old version of you that was putting up with negativity behind; a play on the classic “onward and upward”." - Stephen

I ain't tryin' to erase the past

But I ain't breakin' my neck no more tryna look back

Wonderin' wishin' 'bout how things could be different

No I got it on the right track

"Verse two is about knowing it happened and that it happened to you and the only thing you can do is move forward. The "what ifs" in any situation can be a positive to consider and learn from so it doesn't happen again but dwelling on the past gets you nowhere. It's not worrying about it because you can't go back. Acknowledging that is already a big step forward." - Stephen 

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