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Wise Words: Vinnie Paolizzi Breaks Down Lyrics to Single "Gold Rush"

Vinnie Paolizzi has been bringing the heat as of late, and has dropped more hits in the last few months than Vanilla Ice did in his entire career. "End of the World", "Gold Rush" and "Annie Howell" have shown Vinnie's consistency as well as how deep and how much thought goes into his songwriting. From start to finish, Vinnie Paolizzi displays his passion with raw vocals intertwined with that soothing vibe that catches your attention. On the surface, "Gold Rush" is an upbeat, fun song that brings the energy. But when Vinnie breaks down the lyrics, you see how deep this song really is. Vinnie sheds light on how dark the music industry can really be. Many rising artists work their ass off day and night, going paycheck to paycheck living out their dream. Some individuals are stuck playing mind games. They may need to decide whether to sell their soul and buy into what the industry wants them to look like and their music to sound like or pave their own path. It's safe to say Mr. Paolizzi is paving his own path and doing it damn well.

I'm savin' my singin' for the gold rush, holdin' deuces waitin' on a straight flush

"When this song was written I was every kind of burnt out, I had been in Nashville just over six months and said yes to every dive bar show in town. One of those regular gigs was a long set at a bar called “The Gold Rush” on Ellston Place across from the Exit/In. Gabe Lee and I used to be fixtures there on Mondays. I asked Gabe to play a different show on a Monday afternoon and he replied “I’m gonna save my singin for the Gold Rush”. I wrote the song as a commentary on the time that us songwriters put in along the way and the perseverance and delusion that keeps us going. “Holdin Deuces” means knowing you don’t have what it takes quite yet but believing that if you play your cards right, eventually a little luck will come your way. It took me a while longer to realize that every one of those gigs taught me something, and getting paid in beer is not so bad." - VP

I woke up on the wrong side of the throne, that's when the devil asked me for some time alone

"There is so much temptation to sell out in this town, big business gets involved, markets change, promises get broken. I’ve been told that all I need to do to get on the radio is change my sound, my band and my look. This lyric was about “the devil” finding me in a weak moment and making me an offer I couldn’t refuse." - VP

I sold my soul for a Corvette and I drove into the sunset, and now there's three more demons playing in my quartet

“Thankfully this is a fictional conversation, and my bandmates have their moments but they aren’t demons…" - VP



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