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Wise Words: Will Dinnat Breaks Down Lyrics To Single "Turn This Truck Around"

We are back with UPstar. Music's "Wise Words'' feature. "Turn This Truck Around" was written by Will Dinnat, Jason Cross and Parker LeBlac and was released on July 22nd, 2022. This is Will's debut single and he showcases his extraordinary songwriting ability intertwined with his smooth vocals. Will breaks down some lyrics to his single "Turn This Truck Around".

Turn this truck around

"I'd had this title for a while. Parker and I had attempted to write it before but when we got to Jason’s that afternoon, everything kind of fell into place. We all loved the idea and I feel like we wrote a really great song." - WD

Don't think I can wait til the end of the night

"Fairly self explanatory here. Just wanted to solidify the dude not wanting to go out and wishing they could stay home. He just wants to go back home and be with his woman." - WD

If you look at me that way one more time I'll lose my damn mind

"This is the opening line of the chorus, but in the last chorus we added the “damn” to really show how she drives him crazy when she gives him “the look”. Everyone knows what “the look” is for them. I'm sure it's different and means different things for everyone, but in this context it was a “take me back home” look." - WD

We don't need some BS excuse to get out of these plans

"They don't have to lie and make excuses to their friends. It's almost as if they just make up a random excuse so their friends don't know what's going on in actuality." - WD

Well we ain't gonna find what we’re lookin for in a last call downtown

“We have everything we need at home. Why are we going to go downtown and waste our time and money when all I can think about is getting you home? Little Chris Young-ish reference." - WD

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