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What's UPstar. Music?

UPstar. Music LLC is a media and promotion company which showcases and amplifies the voice of up and coming artists, songwriters, musicians and other creatives in the Country Music industry.

Our mission is to create effective ways to act as a "Country Music LinkedIn" to provide opportunities and narrow the gap between the business side of the industry and the creatives who make this world go round. Our motto is "Family Over Everything" because we care about every individual for who they are, not what they do. We want to provide any opportunity we can, for every person we can, whether you've been in Nashville 10+ years and have a record deal, you recently moved to Nashville and are just starting out, or fall somewhere in between. We want to work with you. 

​We get asked all the time "so what do y'all really do?"... and for those that don't know the values and vision of UPstar. Music, this is a legitimate question. Because our #1 priority is up and coming, primarily independent artists, we provide many services which include media and promotion, interviews with artists, various networking opportunities, live events, curated playlists and artist development. Check out the different services below and see how we can help you. UPstar. Music is for EVERYONE in the Country Music industry - Artists, Songwriters, Musicians, labels, publishing, management, booking, photographers, videographers, writers rounds, podcasts, fans etc. UPstar. Music wants to see everyone win and help Country Music thrive.

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Check Out UPstar. Music's Playlists on
Apple Music and Spotify

Listen to UPstar. Music's 30+ playlists on Apple Music and Spotify. We have personally curated our playlists to give each fan the maximum listening experience by intertwining your favorite stars like Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs, your favorite songs like "Whiskey Glasses" and "Body Like A Backroad" as well as a fresh wave of new talent in Country Music. Surfing through all of our playlists, you will find we have curated many different types to peak your interest. There are a handful of themed playlists, such as "Drowning in Whiskey" and "Slow Dance" to fit your mood and discovery playlists like "Heard It Here First: Vol. I-III" which are centered around up and coming talent. You can find your new favorite artist which is what UPstar. Music does best. At UPstar. Music, we are Country Music fans first, so our playlists are developed with the fan in mind. Whether you want to sit back, hit shuffle and listen to the best the genre has to offer or strategically look through to discover the rising stars of Nashville... our playlists have it all.

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