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Have You Been Dicked Down in Dallas or Railed Out in Raleigh? A 2020 Love Story Gone Wrong...

Let's just be honest... 2020 has been a shitty year. I have been counting down the days for December 31st, not because I'll be standing alone at midnight to remind myself of how single I am - but instead to finally welcome 2021 and get out of this hell hole of a year. With a year full of negatives, we finally have a big positive, and this song has a good chance to save 2020 in the dwindling weeks. It's the song we don't want, but need... I present to you the future smash hit, a.k.a the next "Old Town Road", the song that doesn't "give a shit about shit". I present you: "Dicked Down in Dallas"! And for those new here, I am not making this shit up... yes, this song is called "Dicked Down in Dallas" and it is absolute GOLD. Hide yo kids, hide yo wives, hide yo moms, because I can almost guarantee this is not for their ears.

From Joke To Taking Over Social Media And The Space In Our Heads and Speakers

I sat down with famous (or infamous), I guess it will depend on who you're talking to, but to me these absolute, unsung HEROES who wrote "Dicked Down in Dallas": Brent Gafford, Matt McKinney & Drew Trosclair. Before we get into the open dialogue between me and the boys about how the idea blossomed into a song and turned from just a fun demo to getting buzz and Trey Lewis actually cutting it, I'm gonna give ya some of the background to help set the stage.

With assistance from Raised Rowdy and In the Round Podcast, "Dicked Down in Dallas" by Trey Lewis, was taken to the next level to set the song up for “catching fire and going viral” before even being released on December 1st.

Prior to the song being released, Trey broke out "Dicked Down in Dallas" while playing the In the Round Podcast writer's round at Live Oak in Nashville, TN (hosted by Matt Burrill and Tyler Lessard). When Trey broke out the song the crowd went absolutely bananas, meanwhile the good folks over at Raised Rowdy recorded the whole song and posted it on social media. The song took another big leap and landed on Old Row, Call Her Daddy's Facebook Page and is now being used all over Tik Tok. Let’s all be honest, the next thing to come for “Dicked Down in Dallas” will be the #1 song that people put on their Tinder profiles. Nothing shows off the power of social media more than "Dicked Down in Dallas" going #1 on the Country and All-Genre itunes charts in only 45 minutes... Damn impressive.

What makes this song so dangerous is it's not just some knock off parody that's poorly written. "Dicked Down in Dallas" is a solid song top to bottom and has a phenomenal story line. To be completely honest, you can listen to the first few lines, have no idea what the song is going to be about, and then it punches you in the face and unexpectedly turns raunchy and RATED-R.

This song is just wayyyyy too relatable. I'm a 22 year old college kid and I would be lying if I said I never worried about a recent ex-girlfriend getting double teamed by two football players at a frat party. C'mon, you're trying to tell me that girls and guys after a devastating break up don't turn into complete hornballs and join Tinder, Bumble and Hinge and try to fuck anything in sight? Then you are a naive fucking moron. That's what makes this an anthem we didn't know we needed…

Speaking of things we didn’t know we needed...

Let’s turn this into a drinking game:

Everyone gets in a circle and the group goes around and has to name a city/state and wild sexual occurrence like "Titty-Fucked in Tampa" or "DP'd in Denver" and if you can't think of one you have to shotgun a beer...

You're welcome.

Cut By: Trey Lewis

Written By: Brent Gafford, Matt McKinney & Drew Trosclair

Produced By: Alex Maxwell

An Open Dialogue with Trey Lewis, Brent Gafford, Matt McKinney & Drew Trosclair About "Dicked Down in Dallas"

The Inspiration Behind "Dicked Down in Dallas" and the Day of the Write - What Went Down?

Matt: "Alright, yeah so I was in college and I actually wrote that whole verse and I hadn't really co-written a lot. When I moved to town I came with a lot of ideas and different things I wanted to write about to bring into potential co-writes. I brought the idea to Brent and it was supposed to be "She's Going Back to Dallas". It was going to be creatively tied into this guy named “Dallas” and we sat down and just hit a wall... was that our first write ever?

Brent: "Uhhh, if it wasn't it was pretty close to it"

Matt: "We just hit a hard wall and Brent jokingly was like "she's dicked down in Dallas" and we were just laughing hysterically and Brent just kept going back and signing that. We were just like screw it, so we went back to his house and were writing and fiddling around and Drew comes over and played him the whole first verse and chorus and Drew was just like "let's make it a funny song" and we kind of just having fun with alliteration and U.S. cities and one thing lead to another... and I don't know just kind of came to life."

Drew: "The funniest part of the story to me was that when we were going over the song and doing alliterations Brent told us not to be filtered at all, but there was certain things we'd throw out and Brent was like "na, na that's way too dirty to go in the song" and I was like the song is called "Dicked Down in Dallas"... One I specifically remember was tongue punched in Tulsa and we were "oh no, definitely can't do that" and then we ended up having “butt fucked in Boston”, but no tongue punching."

Brent: "I told Trey this, I've been writing songs on my own for a while and this is my first cut as a songwriter, so I'm pretty pumped about this and I will say Trey is the only one with the balls to go out into public and sing these lyrics... all the props to Trey."

Trey: "I think my favorite part of the story is they were all sitting around trying to write this serious song and not that it's not serious, it does have a story line that is awesome and is a serious thing, it's real shit. It's the ultimate fuck you song to an ex, which I have plenty of those. My favorite part of the story is knowing Brent and he's a good dude and he walked into the room and goes "you know what... she's getting dicked down in Dallas:. I just love that part of the story."

Brent: " I don't know why, but one of my favorite terms in the last year has been getting dicked down."

Drew: "Yeah I remember just fucking around, dudes being dudes, and I remember us always saying shit like "she definitely got dicked down last night" and I think that's how it kind of came out."

Trey: "For the record now that I know the whole story, but a few weeks ago I did a podcast and I was telling the story about the song, I may be wrong, but originally Matt and Brent... didn't y'all write the first verse and chorus and a year later finish the rest?"

Drew: "Yeah, so I met Matt through I think Brent or had similar connections and talked about writing together and I think it was my first time co-writing with Matt and they called me to Matt's house and Matt had the first verse and we finished the chorus that night, basically got through the chorus... it was serious, but also wrote it for fun. After that every time I would run into Matt I would tell him we had to finish Dicked Down in Dallas and occasionally buddies of the three of us would bring it up and it was kind of an inside joke between our inner circle."

Brent: "We did sit on the first verse and chorus for probably 9-12 months and finally set a date to finish it at Drew's house. I think my biggest claim to fame and most excited I've been as a songwriter was tying the end of the chorus back around to "I already know she's getting dicked down in Dallas, and I remember getting up jumping around and high-fiving Matt and Drew."

Matt: "We had written the whole thing and we thought it was cool and catchy, but we were like how do we tie it all together and Brent was like "she's getting dicked down in Dallas" and that was it."

Brent: "I do want to say Trey disregarded the whole bridge we had and said "fuck it this ain't very good and I'm just gonna sing the chorus like three times".

Trey: "What was the bridge?

Matt: "Damn I don't even remember I think it was like "most of been something I said, something I did, how can I get over her knowing she's under him"... yeah."

Trey: "Damn, I've never got that verse. You know we did those reaction videos downtown, and one of the guys wanted to be on the remix, so maybe this becomes like Old Town Road and we have 100 remixes."

What has the whole experience been like from the first video you posted joking around, to playing Matt's (In the Round Podcast) writer's round and then the video from Raised Rowdy and having this thing go viral?

Trey: "So all four of us are friends and hangout, me and Drew haven't written together, but he has written songs with my roommate Ella Langley and I write a lot with Matt and Brent. A lot of the time songwriters ride around and listen to each others work tapes, we don't really listen to the radio. "Dicked Down in Dallas'' was one of those that we would listen to when we would go out to eat. One day we were riding in my roommates truck, Mitch, and he goes "dude, this is a great song, I'd buy this right now" and I remember Matt saying "I'll cut this song... I don't care", I thought he was joking, but he wasn't. So he kept asking if I was going to cut it. I play shows every weekend and travel and play cover songs, but I had a show in Statesboro, Georgia at the Blue Room - it was a Covid gig outside, not as fun as normal and nobody was really listening and I was like "ok guys, we are going to play "Dicked Down in Dallas, let's go" and I played the first verse and chorus and nobody was really into it, a few of the security guards got it, but then I just started looping the chorus and played it over and over again and finally people were catching on and there was like 30 people at the front of jamming out and after the show I got a bunch of DM's on Instagram asking if the song was released. So that led to me making that video where I played 30 seconds and said if it gets how ever many likes I'd cut it. Then I just kept playing it at shows, but with COVID a lot got cancelled and we started having a ton of bonfires where I was playing it and Matt Burrill from In the Round Podcast caught wind of it and he had a writer's round coming up and wanted me to play, but said I had to play "Dicked Down in Dallas"... so that was the night where it all really picked up. I've been putting out music for 13 years and I'm grateful for the fans I do have, but this release feels really good. And Matt (McKinney), I don't want to gas him up too much because he's in the room, but like he has this ability to connect people and always thinking and always grinding and he reached out to Old Row and got it on their page and Trey Bonner who does all my content, got it posted on Call Her Daddy's Facebook page and blew up from there. Then to keep up the momentum, I started posting it a ton on Tik Tok. One night I was with Alex Maxwell who produces all my stuff and we were talking about cutting it just acoustic, but didn't really know how to do it and then talked to Ryan Nelson about it. That night Grady Saxman sent me a text and all it said was "Dicked Down in Dallas" and I was like we should totally track it. That's kind of how it all came together.

Brent: "My biggest regret of my musical career was not singing on the demo. I can't cut this song, my mom would hate me and I still don't think she's heard this song. When we made the first demo I didn't even want to sing on it because I knew it would get out and go viral. I'll regret it when this takes Trey to the top."

Drew: "We couldn't ask for a better person to take it to the top, so I'm glad it's Trey. I will say, funny story about the post going semi-viral on Instagram, the one Raised Rowdy posted. Now every round he plays Trey has to play it. When we were trying to figure out who would cut it we hit a brick wall and came up with like Wheeler Walker and that he might cut it... it would have to be someone like that."

Matt: "One night we were out at Percy Priest and we were trying to convince Brent to put his name on the song and we were like "well it's a global pandemic what if we released it under an alias like "The Corona Cowboys" and that fell through and was the last option we had before Trey started posting videos and went on Tik Tok with it."

My man Trey Lewis is not just a 1 hit wonder... load's of talent from this man Trey, make sure to check out his other music on Apple Music and Spotify and follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram



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