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Kaitlyn Dorff Reveals How Opposites Attract In Single "Next To You"

At UPstar. Music we tend to focus primarily on Country Music, but I'm a fan of all genres. Honestly, before becoming a HUGE Country Music fan, I predominately listened to Pop and Rap. My approach as a music listener is "good music is good music" period. No matter the genre or the artist.

As Nashville is booming in regards to both tourism and funneling in new residents, another thing Nashville has seen a boom in in recent years is the amount of talented folks in other genres outside of Country Music who reside or have ties in Nashville. As a fan, you may not think too much about that, but the spirit Nashville holds and the opportunities it provides to artists, producers, songwriters etc. is attractive to those within Country Music and beyond. It's rare that I venture outside of Country Music when I interview an artist, but for this special occasion I sat down with a blossoming Pop artist who has all the tools to be a star. Kaitlyn Dorff has quickly discovered her sound and is showcasing her genuine and honest approach to artistry. She may be under the radar right now, but she is for sure an artist to keep an eye on. I sat down with Kaitlyn and talked about her latest single "Next To You" , growing up in the music industry and comparing the music scenes in LA and Nashville. Take a look into the life and music of Kaitlyn Dorff and how the LA native navigates through her blossoming career.

Get To Know Kaitlyn

"I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and I'm 23 years old. I started surfing at age six and have surfed my whole life. It's what I did for fun. my way to escape, my little outlet. I also danced my whole life. I was a competitive dancer and competitive surfer. And of course, there was music. I started taking music seriously when I moved to Nashville at age 19. Even though music has always been a part of my life, and I always took it seriously, I never took the strides to start writing and focusing on being an artist. Moving to Nashville for school was the best thing I could have done for myself. Belmont was interesting... definitely a good place to start. For me it was more utilizing living in Nashville than just staying around Belmont. That's what makes Belmont so special because it's in the heart of Nashville and gives you the opportunities to network and connect with other people in the industry. After a few years of going to school, I'm back living in Los Angeles.I still take trips back and forth from LA to Nashville to write and do other music-related things."

We’re The Same, But We’re Different

Opposites attract right? Kaitlyn Dorff dives into her sound and shares her perspective and honest feelings of being in a relationship. "Next To You" dives deep into her romantic life and shares the experiences of being a social butterfly while dating someone who's an introvert and enjoys time at home. Throughout the track, Kaitlyn depicts "we're the same, but we're different" through different scenarios like wanting to stay out at a party while knowing he wants to go home. Some would take these lyrics as breaking it down, being with someone that's not the right fit. Kaitlyn ties this song together by saying that even though we may be a little different and not love all the same things, there is nobody else I'd rather be with. Such a cool song from a unique perspective that is taken to another level with the exceptional production. This song has an infectious energy about it that pulls you in with Kaitlyn's iconic vocals blended with an upbeat and catchy production that has you eager to hear the next line. Kaitlyn Dorff is putting together a strong campaign as a rising Pop artist. She has released other tracks like "Car Chase" and "In My Dreams" and her latest single "Next To You" is the cherry on top.

Inspiration Behind "Next To You"

Written By: Kaitlyn Dorff & Matteo Scher, Produced: Jason Mater

"Next To You, I was in a relationship for a very long time and when I was in that relationship, I had felt all the songs I was writing at the time weren't great love songs. I looked at my writing partner at the time, Matteo Scher. I owe him so much for everything that he's done for me. Matteo and I were on FaceTime, my boyfriend at the time was sitting in the living room and we were starting to write something. I said "I want to write name a love song, I want to write something he will love". We wrote "Next To You" which is the most honest song I had written from my perspective in that relationship. I remember we were done with the song and I was so excited to share it with my boyfriend at the time. I ran out of my room to tell him. Finally we were sitting on my bed listening to the song and about halfway through and he was like "this is the most insulting song I've ever heard in my life”. I looked at him and was like "no way..." because I really thought it was a love song. I was very honest and it was one of my favorite songs I'd ever written. We finished the song and put it out because I loved it."

Q & A With Kaitlyn Dorff

Q: What was that "light bulb" moment that you knew you wanted to pursue a career in music?

A: "I think the moment I knew, I was in New York interning. At the time, I was going to school at the University of Arizona . I had always known I wanted to do music, but I don’t think that switch flipped or light bulb went off like "this is my chance" until I got accepted into Belmont. I was on the phone with my dad and told him I was moving to Nashville and going to school there. At that moment, it was like "oh wow" because I didn't originally think Nashville was my place. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life but I got accepted into Belmont and thought it could be a fresh start for me."

Q: What was it liking growing up in the music industry? Looking back, what were some of the takeaways you had that have helped you now in your own music career?

A: "I will say, growing up with my family in music it pushed me to wanting to be in the same industry. They were really great mentors in my life growing up. I was very lucky because I got a real glimpse at what the music industry actually looked like; working full time as a songwriter or as a musician. It gave me a great overall perspective on what to expect. When people enter the music industry, something that can be very shocking is you can be told "no" a lot. I was raised knowing that and had that understanding. From that background and knowledge, I had the mentality of just keeping my head down and working hard. So much of this industry is luck, timing and being at the right place at the right time. Learning things like that at a young age has had a huge impact on me. Now, I don't get let down and feel more prepared because of that. I was very blessed to have the mentors I did growing up."

Q: Spending time in both LA and Nashville, what are some similarities and differences in the music scenes?

A: "One thing for sure that I love in Nashville that you don't get in LA is the community aspect and feel. There's nothing like Nashville. People in Nashville seem to be more open to collaborating and come up together. In LA, it's a different grind/competitive aspect to it which is great in its own way. I personally like the flow of Nashville. It has a small town feel with so many amazing talented artists, songwriters and musicians. Even though they have that in LA, it's just a lot more spread out and harder to find. It's harder to find your camp in LA, which is very important."

Q: Who has been some of your biggest influences on your career so far?

A: "My number one biggest influence ever is Miley Cyrus. She's someone who I've looked up to my entire life and I love everything about her career. My writing partner Matteo Scher has played a huge role in helping me find my writing style and has contributed to me finding my sound. And of course my dad and brother are my biggest inspiration and are the reason I'm doing what I'm doing."

If you are just just discovering Kaitlyn Dorff follow her on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook

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I love Kaitlyn as a musician and as a person. I follow her on social media and have purchased her songs to date. Without a doubt she will continue to grow and have success. She is such a beautiful and vibrant soul ❤️

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