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Wise Words: Matt Jordan Breaks Down Lyrics To Single "Fifth of July"

Country Music is powerful. Songs tell stories and bring you back to specific experiences and moments in your life when you fell in love, felt heartbreak, all-time highs where you felt unstoppable and times where you were at your lowest. Matt Jordan's single "Fifth of July" was written by Matt, Michael Jordan and Trevor Brooks and tells the story of the one that got away, a summer fling that felt so right, but happened at the wrong time. He's able to capture so many different emotions in each line and verse which is a testament to how well written this song is top to bottom. We've all had sparks fly with a special someone and then get stabbed in the heart and get left with nothing. Matt puts words to a feeling we've all felt, but can never explain. Matt Jordan is the second feature for UPstar. Music's "Wise Words" series with his single "Fifth of July", as rising artists and songwriters break down some of the lyrics that make their song special. This gives each artist the opportunity to explain what different lines and verses mean as well as how they came to be.

We had our moment stolen by time on the tail end of summer where dreams go to die

"I think a lot about the passing of time and I try to write it into songs. To me, the end of the summer has always been when the real world kicks back in. Even as an adult, summer carries with it a sense of freedom, youth and innocence. The end of summer signals the end of that freedom and a return to the real world. In this song, it was the final blow to a could've been relationship. I think it sets the tone for where the song is heading and I think it's a sentiment a lot of people can relate to." - MJ

We were late to the game like fireworks on the fifth of July

"The hook is the story of this song in one line. It's me and an old friend from high school who just couldn't get our timing right. When I was dating, she was single and vise versa, so the one shot we had was the summer between high school and college and it just didn't make sense. If we'd had 3 more months, we may have gone all in, but we didn't so we didn't try. It's like if you saw fireworks the day after the Fourth of July, they're still pretty, but the magic is gone, the celebration is over. That's kind of how it felt with us trying to navigate that

summer." - MJ

Side of the road tear falling down if not for the rain I'd set fire to this town

“At the end of that summer, she went her way and I went mine and for several years, I'd come home and drive by all the places we hung out, see all the people we hung out with. But I only saw her a few times after that. A lot of the places in my hometown reminded me of her and I spent a lot of time home wondering about her and if we'd ever cross paths again. We didn't and sometimes it felt like burning all those old memories was the only way to move

on." - MJ



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