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Wise Words: Kyle Winski Breaks Down Lyrics To Single "Hey Montana"

The thing I love so much about Country Music is that it doesn't matter if the artist is the biggest star in the genre or an individual who is just getting rolling. Anybody can release a masterpiece. Kyle Winski's "Hey Montana" which was a solo write, makes you feel each lyric deep in your bones. The lyrics bring you to a point in your life when someone you truly loved got away, but no matter what, you wanted the best for them. Did you ever look back at someone you dated, whether it was a week or five years ago, and wonder what they are up to and how they are doing? Kyle puts these difficult words together into beautiful lyrics with a curious yet uplifting tone. After listening, you will have a smirk on your face and be shaking your head thinking of that person. Check out Kyle's breakdown to his song "Hey Montana" as a part of UPstar. Music "Wise Words" feature.

Hey Montana

"Those two words are what started this entire song. It’s funny, I usually don’t have a title in mind when I write by myself, but this one just kind of came out of left field. I was back in my hometown for Christmas break 2020. One morning driving back to the house, I heard this little melody/lyric in my head…”Hey Montana”. I went home, wrote the first verse and the rest came pretty quickly the next day. It took me a bit to realize it, but eventually I knew there was something pretty special about this one." - KW

I hope you wrote that book and that thing took off from there to Alabama

"This line might be my favorite simply because I was bound and determined to rhyme Montana with Alabama. I’m telling you, I would’ve sat there for hours just to make that rhyme happen. The person who I wrote the song about is an author and she’s currently working on her first book. I had a few other lines that could’ve worked but once I pieced it together with the “took” and “book” it all kind of made sense and felt right to me." - KW

If it turns out you ain't where you wanna be, just know you're always welcome back to Tennessee

"To me, this line wraps up the entire story. Once you get through the song, you realize that she’s Montana and I’m Tennessee. I felt like there was no better way to wrap this story up than with this line." - KW



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